My Freedom Series

I’m sure if you’ve read the past several posts, you’ve noticed a lot of bald eagles in my sketchbook.  That is because I am working on a series of paintings I am calling my “Freedom Series”.  I’m not sure how many I will paint in the series, but the first two are finished.

The first one I call Freedom’s Hope, and its a bald eagle, symbol of Freedom for so many, looking up to the maker, continuing to hope in good times and in trials, as Americans have done since the birth of our nation.

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And the next one I call “Freedom’s Pride”, it depicts a A bald Eagle, symbol of American freedom and pride, perched on a branch overlooking part of the beautiful Puget Sound.

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While I haven’t decided yet how many will be in this series, I do know that I’ll do a few more, however, before I do I’m going to do a few pet portraits, in preparation for an upcoming art walk where I plan to advertise that service.

Thank you for reading! I welcome your suggestions on how to make this blog more interesting to you! Photography Prints

One Response to My Freedom Series

  1. Your eagles reminds me of my grandpa, Vicki. He used to make beautiful eagles in Chinese ink paintings. He’s 90 now and too old to paint.