Working, working, working….

So, I’ve been continuing to work on my art pieces.  I finished an abstract yesterday VERY late at night, and I finished another pet portrait today.

The pet portrait was of a cat named Biz Biz, I got the photo, which was taken from a cell phone, so it wasn’t the highest quality picture.  I made due though, I started with this:

Well, right away I decided to crop the image, and focus more on Biz Biz’s face.  Here is the cropped picture:

Then to help me see the subtle nuances of the colors, I cranked up the saturation on the photo:

Then I was ready to sketch and paint, and the result was this:

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The title doesn’t show all the way on that preview, it is “Biz Biz Another Green Eyed Tiger”.
As I mentioned before, I also completed an abstract last night.  I had been looking at lots of Kandinksy’s work earlier in the day, because of seeing a friend’s work that reminded me of Kandinsky.  So I combined the bright colors that I had been seeing in Kandinsky’s work, with the the type of abstract pattern designs I use in a lot of my abstracts.  The result was “Tranquility”, named such because that is how I felt while creating it… tranquil.
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Thank you for reading! I welcome your suggestions on how to make this blog more interesting to you! Photography Prints

2 Responses to Working, working, working….

  1. Biz Biz is beautiful and you have captured him well in your painting – love his eyes and his cute little nose

    All the best and looking forward to seeing your car when it’s done

    Rachael x