Turn Up the Heat

Oh well!  Things don’t always turn out the way we want.  Yesterday I wanted to finish my “Inlets to Illusion” painting and photograph it.  I did manage to finish it, but I didn’t get the picture taken while I had good light. You see, I don’t have studio lights for my art, but my porch just so happens to get perfect lighting for photographing a painting, but only for about an hour or two a day.  So I have my porch set up for it, with nails in several places on the front door so that I can hang the paintings there, set up my tripod, and take the picture.  Well, yesterday I let that “golden hour” pass, today I’ll be at church during the “golden hour”, so I’ll have to try tomorrow.

Now, that painting took months to finish, and it didn’t require a lot of realistic drawing because it was mostly abstract op-art.  So I have been feeling out of practice on my drawing.  I decided to sketch something, I looked around my house for something to set in front of me and sketch.  I decided to sketch my space heater.  Now bear in mind that I didn’t use any rulers or vanishing points, I just looked at the heather and drew freehand.  I also didn’t spend a lot of time at it, it was just a quick sketch, for practice at drawing what I see. The heater has wood casing, and a decoratively curved lip in front on the top and bottom I struggled with that lip, I think I cane closer to getting it right with the bottom.  I realize I should have cleaned up my eraser lines more, but as I said, it was just for practice.

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4 Responses to Turn Up the Heat

  1. The light will still be there tomorrow!

    • Yes, I know! I just really want the photograph done so I can move on to varnishing the painting and then shipping it. I must photograph first, because once it has been varnished it will have too much glare for a print-worthy photograph.

  2. It has come out just fine 🙂 I hope you get more time for your passions in coming times 😀