Furry Friends

Who is always glad to see you when you come home?

Who doesn’t care if you forgot to brush your hair?

Who would still lavish love upon you if didn’t bother to bathe for a month?

The answer of course is your pets!

There is nothing like the love of an animal to set the world right, and make your day seem brighter.

I know I love my pets, and I miss the ones I’ve lost.  I was privileged to have a little dog named Daisy in my life for a few years, but about a year ago she vanished.  We suspect she met her end at the jaws of the coyotes that frequent our property.

I was very heart broken over her loss, and not even being able to bury her or have her cremated made it even harder, but one thing that made it easier was that before she passed on I had immortalized her in a portrait which hangs in an honored place in my home, I feel its a fitting memorial to the little dog who brought our family so much joy.

Art Prints
I’ve also painted a portrait of my other dog, Spunky.  It hangs directly on the other side of the window from Daisy’s portrait.
Art Prints
In addition I’ve had the privilege of painting portraits for other pet owners, some who have lost their pets, and some who simply want to honor their living pets with a custom painted portrait.  Most of these commissions have been arranged in person, either with friends, or with people who come by my booth at art walks and outdoor markets.  But I also arrange these special works through my Etsy Store.  The basset hound you see below is another example of one of my pet portraits.  I also do other commissions, following the basic price list of the pet portraits.

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6 Responses to Furry Friends

  1. Beautifully done. We have a pencil drawing done by Esther Fincher (very, very talented artist) of my mom’s prize Great Dane, Jinx. He died when I was just a little thing, but I remember that drawing very fondly, having seen it in the dining room my entire growing up.

  2. You are so right, Vicki – our little pals are the sweetest with us! I so love your paintings that’s also amazing – love that you shared 🙂

  3. I am with u 100% – our furbabies make our days! Sorry you lost your little one – we are in the country and have the same fear for our doxie..at night, I go out with him at potty time. I saw that tee online yesterday, love it!

    • Thank you! The coyotes usually stay further away, and Daisy usually stayed closer, but on that day she went running off across the pasture with our other dog, later, the other dog returned alone. We searched and called, and searched some more. Hung up posters around the neighborhood, checked the pound, and eventually gave up. We still aren’t really sure what happened, its possible she was stolen or something.
      What tee are you talking about?