A Brushless Painting

Tonight,  I began a painting.  I was feeling like I wanted a break from tight details like my last painting consisted of, I wanted to do something loose and free.  So I grabbed a canvas and my paints, and a couple of pieces of sponge, and I began to randomly paint a background. I didn’t really have a plan for where it was going at this point, so I took some time to just look at it and wait for it to “suggest” something.  I got several ideas, depending on which way I oriented the canvas.

Finally something came to mind, and I decided that I wanted to continue working without brushes, I decided that the entire painting, with the exception my signature when I was finished, would be finished without brushes, using only sponges, palette knives, and fingers.
Here is the painting nearly finished. 
There were some dark marks left in the upper right hand corner from when I painted the background with no idea what the painting would be, they looked out of place in the sky. So when I went to put the grasses int the foreground, I decided to also put in some tree branches up in that corner, and here is the finished product.  The only place a paint brush was used was for my signature.  The only thing remaining  to be done is to paint the bottom of the canvas black, after the painting dries enough to be turned over.
The colors aren’t quite true in this phone photo, but a better photo will be coming soon.
So, all in all it was a productive night!

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6 Responses to A Brushless Painting

  1. Wow you have some beautiful work! I really really like this one though! From starting with no idea yo a beautiful forest, that’s absolutely amazing!!!!

  2. Wow, I really love that. The colors are spectacular! I especially liked how the painting looked different when you oriented it in a different way. I’ve never tried painting without a brush or without a drawing but I will certainly try. What painting medium did you use?

  3. Your painting process reminds me of my aunt’s work. She always said she began a painting not quite sure how it would develop. She painted mostly abstracts with the most amazing colors. I was a little surprised when your painting assumed a more realistic form, but your colors are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing how you freed yourself from brushes!