It’s Alive!!!

Sometimes a painting develops a life of its own, and changes, grows, almost evolves as progress continues.  As if it’s truly alive.

This has been the case with my current work in progress, you may remember that it started off like this:


Then, morphed into this:


And kept changing until it looked like this:


Now, at this point, I began to worry that maybe I’d created the painting equivalent of Frankenstein’s Monster.  What I saw on the canvas was almost frightening.

I mean, I was having visions of tossing this canvas on a fire and pretending it never happened.

Then this happened:
sunset again blah

And then this:


So, at this point I’m ready to just let go of control, and let it develop as it pleases, maybe it will be an awesome work of art, maybe it will be dumpster-filler, either way it seems that in this case, the artist is no longer in charge, the painting is alive and is doing what it wants.


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12 Responses to It’s Alive!!!

  1. You are such a talented person, you have produced a masterpiece, I love art will admire it but can not create wonderful pieces.

  2. oooh… I so loved your metamorphosis with photos and explanations – I had a different feeling for each one. And, finally was right on –

    • Thank you, some paintings come out the way I want them instantly, while others go through the metamorphosis you mentioned, I have to keep working until I feel right about it, even if other people are telling me its fine as it is.

  3. Love the artwork. Looked through a little bit and love how you show them in progress. Just out of curiosity, do you have anything a sheep as the main focus?

  4. I love how the painting is growing and changing and taking on a life of its own. That’s what it’s been like with my illustrated bear stories. They were just going to be small narrations to describe each day’s painting. And then something happened! The story developed a life of its own and that’s so exciting! The creative process is so awesome, isn’t it?
    I really do not think that the painting is headed to the dumpster, lol. It has better places to go and it’s already getting a fan club!

    • No its not heading for the dumpster, but it did start to be a completely different painting, I now feel the direction it is going is much more fantasy based than what I originally wanted. I was going for a “serious” landscape of the San Francisco bay and the Golden Gate bridge, but now I’m thinking some sci-fi will find its way into the piece!

  5. It is great to see the journey the art works take along with the artist, 🙂 Lovely work

    • Dominic, thank you. I’ve seen your work too, and I think its lovely. Eventually I’ll get the hang of painting clouds, but in the meantime, I’ll just keep painting!

      • You are doing a wonderful job with them 🙂 They are the one thing I am never happy with as well lol bit I find using a very soft brush to fade them out at the edge’s works quite well for me 🙂

        • Dominic, Thank you. I am never quite happy with my clouds, I think if I was using oils it might be easier to soften the edges, acrylic is dry by the time I get to that. I guess I can put some retarder in to keep it workable.