A What? Art Blog.. Part One*

“You started a what?”  He asked, looking confused, then turned his attention back to his cup of coffee.

“Another blog.” I said, wondering why it seemed like I was always repeating myself.

“Since when do you have a blog, and why do need another one, and what exactly is a blog anyway?”

“Well, a blog is kind of like a journal, except it’s on the internet, and usually anyone can read it.  It comes from the words “web” and “log”, you know web, as in the world-wide web, and log… as in…”

“Captains log, Stardate  41855.2…”  he interrupted in his best Captain Picard voice,  “I know what a log is!”

At this point in the conversation, I felt like this:
picard facepalm

But I didn’t remark on that.  Instead I continued.

“Okay, so a blog is a log on the internet, and I’ve had one for a couple of years, where have you been?  Anyway, I need another one because my first one is a personal blog, in it I tell about homeschooling, trying to lose weight, what I’m making for dinner, or where we went on a date.  The new blog I started is an Art Blog.”

“Don’t you post your art on your personal blog?”

“Well yes, but this blog will just be for art, and art related stuff.”

“Oh, Okay.  Why?”

At this point in the conversation, my husband and I looked a little like this:


So I decided it was best to continue the conversation another time.

*The preceding conversation is  fictional, but is being used to convey true facts, I had to say that or my husband would object!


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8 Responses to A What? Art Blog.. Part One*

  1. HOW FUNNY are the photos you used to supplement your article! LOL Thank you so much for the afternoon giggle and lots of fun on your new art blog.

    • Thank you, I was hoping that by introducing humor, I wouldn’t lose the attention of other artists, (as flighty and absent minded as we often tend to be.)

  2. As a fellow Trekkie, I am dying over here! (Luckily, I had already set down the Star Trek mug my son got me for Christmas, so I didn’t have Earl Grey tea spraying out my nose!)

    Have you seen the movie “Mom’s Night Out”? It’s hilarious, I highly recommend it… but especially the first few minutes. It starts out with the mom as a voiceover saying, “I … am… a … mommy blogger!” At this point I realized that my husband was staring at me. Intently. With a giant grin on his face.

    Well, couldn’t deny it! LOL

    • LOL, no I haven’t seen that, but now I want to! I am the real Trekker in the family, but living with me all these years has rubbed off on my husband too!
      (PS also a whovian).

  3. Oh my gosh! This is hilarious, especially the photographs! And, yes, I am a Trekkie, too! The conversation reminds me of several with my mom.
    “What’s a blog?”
    I tell her what you said to the person who asked you.
    (repeat explanation)
    “I don’t understand you!”
    (third repetition)
    My mother is a technophobe so the information does not sink in for long, and the conversation is repeated, lololol!

    • Alice, thank! Yes, it can be frustrating to try to explain when someone just doesn’t know even the most basic terminology, its like trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language.

  4. lol o goodness I swear I’ve had this conversation about every single aspect of my life with my husband.