A Barrel of Monkeys, Well A Sketch of One Anyway

Well, its Saturday again, time for my Saturday Six Minute Sketch.  Today, I started off setting the timer on my phone, and trying to draw my dog who was lying at my feet.  About 1 1/2 minutes into the sketch, he got up and wandered off.

So, I reset the timer and decided to sketch something a little less mobile.  I grabbed this little statue of a chimpanzee, and decided to try to sketch it.  Here is a photo of the chimp, and incase anyone was planning to point out the inaccuracy of my title, I am aware that a chimp is an ape, not a monkey.

monkey statue


Okay, so I set my timer for six minutes, and started sketching.  Here is all I was able to accomplish in six minutes, as you can see, my eraser dust was still on the paper when I snapped the picture.   I wanted to stick with my six-minute time slot, so I didn’t even take time to clean it off after.

monkey sketch


So, that is my six-minute sketch for this Saturday!

5 Responses to A Barrel of Monkeys, Well A Sketch of One Anyway

  1. I am so…I don’t know what…of your talent. Jealous/envious are such narky words, but I couldn’t draw a cube to save my life! I really like your 6 minute Sketches!!

  2. Well done. I find it incredible that you could make such a fine sketch in the time limit. In fact, I like your sketch better than the statue.

  3. WOW!!! In 6 minutes I would have finished an ear, maybe! You are truly talented. Are you planning to try again with your dog . . . ????

    • Lisa, I think if I try again with my dog I may snap a photo with my phone first, and then sketch from that. He will lie still for hours on end… until I decide to try to sketch him. LOL
      Thank you for the complement!
      I have done a more comprehensive portrait of my dog though, (that took a lot more than 6 minutes!!!)
      You can see it HERE: