Ugg… Sunday Skies #1

So, if you remember a few days ago, after once again struggling and struggling to get a sky in a painting the way I wanted it, I decided to start a weekly feature on this blog where I will try to do a sky, just for practice.

In theory, doing it on paper, just for practice, and not making a part of real painting, should relieve me of some of the pressure of perfectionism, and allow me to just practice the sky.  In theory.

Okay, anyway, here is the photo I used as a guide.  I told myself I wasn’t trying to reproduce the photo exactly, but was just looking at it to give me a rough idea of what I was going for.  I snapped this photo yesterday in anticipation of needing it today.



Now, here is the painting I did for practice, note that the land elements are just black/gray silhouettes to indicate a horizon.  Also note, that I didn’t do a very good job on those clouds!

sunday skies 1


I was working on a very small piece of paper, and I actually think it might have been easier with a larger one, because I’d have had more room to work.   I see lots of problems with this sky… but it is still better than what I often get when I try.

I will try again next week, perhaps from the same photo, perhaps from a different one.  after all, this is just for PRACTICE and DOESN’T need to be PERFECT!  Perhaps if I keep shouting that at myself I’ll believe it.

2 Responses to Ugg… Sunday Skies #1

  1. Hey, Vicki. I like your practice painting, but I understand if you are your own critique that you always see room for improvement. Practice, practice, practice, they say. Keep up the good work. I’m a fan. 🙂