Still Working at It

Well, many of my readers will remember one particular painting that I was struggling with.  The part I was struggling with most was the sky.

I started it like this:

Brought it to this point:



Wasn’t really happy with it and in frustration did this:

Kept working at it and ended up with this:

Thought that if I changed just a couple of things it would look better, and ended up with this:

Once again decided to paint over almost the entire sky and try again:
sunset again blah


Finally ended up with something, that while it wasn’t exactly what I’d planned on, I decided was acceptable.




After this I painted in an outline of land, but I didn’t photograph that, so I can’t post it.

I still wasn’t sure if I liked where the painting was going, so I sat it aside for a few days, I did some practice skies, played around with my paints, looked at photos of skies, and looked at other artists paintings, made unrelated sketches, but didn’t touch this canvas for a few days.

Until last night I decided to do a little work on it again, and this is how it is looking now:

I think I am becoming a little happier with this pieces as it progresses.  I will say that I took this photo with my phone, and the colors aren’t quite true. There is a considerable amount of purple in the sky on the real painting.

So where is this piece going next?  Well, I am going to make the water reflect the colors of the sky a little more, and then I’ll be painting in a bridge that, if I do it right, pretty much everyone will recognize.

At that point, I will either be leaving it as a landscape, or inserting a little piece of science fiction pop culture.  I haven’t really decided for sure.  Also, there will probably be a boat or two in the water.

4 Responses to Still Working at It

  1. That’s cool. I like your process, and I like the painting a lot. I’m interested in seeing the finished piece. Honestly, I liked all your versions of this. They had appealing colors. But, I know that when you’re the artist, you’re far more critical than others, and I think in the end, your judgement about what’s going to work is spot on. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    • Doree, thank you. I am still not completely satisfied with the sky, but its a lot closer to what I wanted than before. I think in the end, once it has the bridge and everything, it will look good.

  2. I love the art work in progress. I do not paint but it is wonderful to see the artist mind at work. I would love to see the finished product. Nice blog!

    • Tami, thank you! I do plan to post the finished painting, once I get it to that point. So feel free to check back for updates! Or subscribe to my blog and you’ll be sure to get the update! 🙂