Little Birdie — Saturday Six-Minute Sketch

Wow, another week has gone by and its time for my Saturday Six-Minute Sketch once again!

Today I selected for my model this little bird knickknack:

bird six minute sketch model

So, as usual for my six-minute sketches, I sat down, pencil and sketch book ready, put the model (the bird statue) in front of me, set the timer on my cell phone for six minutes, started it, and began sketching.

Naturally, when you have a time limit you don’t know at the start how much detail you will be able to fit in, so you start with the most basic. ¬†First outlining the general shape, then outlining areas within that shape that are most important (such as the head and wing), then you start adding in important features like the beak and eyes, and then if time allows, you add some shading and detail like feathers, etc.

Here is all I managed before my six minutes ran out.
Bird six minute sketch

I know it isn’t perfect, but I am pretty satisfied with considering the time constraint.

I always try to do my six-minute sketches from an actual model, rather than a picture, though there might be an exception some day if I want to try to sketch something that would move around too much otherwise.  Usually though I will pick a stationary object to sketch, because the main purpose of this is to keep practiced on drawing what I see, from life.

6 Responses to Little Birdie — Saturday Six-Minute Sketch

  1. When I read your Saturday posts I try to read the descriptions and see the model picture before I actually look at the sketch. I try to imagine how much you may have completed. You do a good job today. It is nice reading about what goes into your artwork and process.

  2. Snarkymama, thank you! I find the more I do these timed sketches, the easier it gets to get a recognizable picture in the time frame.

  3. Avatar J Robert Maheu
    J Robert Maheu says:

    Good job my gorgeous wife!

  4. Vicki, this is a great post. I didn’t realize you do this 6-minute exercise with yourself. I’m going to try it! Ever think of a small coaching book to help people develop their artistic skills? You would do a great job. Thanks for a great post. Nice meeting you in this challenge, and all the best!