Sunday Skies #2

Well, even though I did decide this week that I needed to stop beating myself up over how I paint skies, I still do want to improve in that area.  So, I am continuing the Sunday Skies feature for a while longer, it is good practice for me in a non threatening situation.

This week, I used the same reference photo as LAST WEEK.

I’ll post it again so you can see the photo that was guiding my painting:





Once again, I didn’t worry about the land features in the painting, though I did give them a little more care than I did last week.  But the land was still just silhouette, because my focus is the sky.

Sunday Skies 2

Well while there certainly is still room for improvement, I believe this week’s rendering turned out much better than last week’s.

Just as a reminder, this was how I painted the same sky last week.
sunday skies 1

I think next week I will move on to using a different reference photo, perhaps one with big billowy white cumulus clouds… we’ll see.


12 Responses to Sunday Skies #2

  1. I love the sky in the second painting.
    they look more realistic

    • Thank you Cindy, that’s what I’m aiming for. People who have followed my blog for a time know that skies are the thing I struggle with most, so each week I do one for practice until I feel I’m “getting it”.

  2. I see great improvement with the second attempt. You know what they say – practice makes perfect! Just remember that any given day, your skies will look better than mine 😉

    • Thanks, we all have different talents, but I do believe that drawing, and by extension painting, is not just a talent, but a skill that can be developed by anyone willing to put in the needed time to learn. Which is why I am sure if I practice more, eventually I’ll be getting skies that I am happy with!

  3. Yes, the second sky is extremely realistic! They are all beautiful though! You have an awesome talent!!! You are definitely one to follow!

  4. I love looking at your paintings, and reading your blog.
    just want to let you know. you a great inspiration for me.
    I am new at blogging, I’m learning a lot from your blog.

    • Cindy, thank you. I’ve been blogging for some time, but its only recently that I’ve begun really being faithful to my art blog. What with Art shows being so expensive to enter, and no guarantees of making your money back, let alone making a profit at them, I have to start promoting my work online more. I mean the internet, if used correctly is like a nearly free open marketplace.
      Of course sales aren’t the only thing, simply sharing my art and letting others see it is important to me to. I mean, an artist doesn’t paint in order to hide the painting away and never show anyone, though I do have a few paintings I have wanted to do that with… I usually gesso over those ans start over. LOL

  5. I love your second painting !

  6. Sandy,All of your paintings are just bueutifal!I love looking at them. I like the video of your art room. You are so organized and what a stunning view out the windows you have.I hope that you and your family are well and in good health.Miss seeing you!Love,JenniferP.S.Do you do any paintings of dogs?