A Mini Dragon Fly Painting

For more than two weeks, I’ve been sick or in pain, or both.

First it was because of a bad reaction to pain medication after some dental surgery.

Then it was pain from the surgery because I could no longer use the pain medicine.

Then the day before the stitches were to come out, I started getting a sore throat.

The sore throat persisted until yesterday, and then over the course of the day yesterday, and overnight, it slowly transitioned from a sore throat, to a cough… a bad cough.  One of those “I-think-my-lung-is-going-to fly-out-through-my-mouth-land-on-the-floor-and-roll-across-the-house” kinds of cough.

However, my biggest complaint is that I’m getting bored.  I haven’t had the energy to really do much since all this started, and I’m getting tired of staring at Facebook, or watching Netflix.

Of course blogging helps, for an hour or two at the most.

Painting is a good way to pass the time too, in between coughing fits.

So today I really wanted to paint, but I didn’t really feel like working on my landscape painting that is in progress.  The next step of that painting is the bridge, and things like bridges and buildings require careful attention to perspective and proportion.  While that normally is not really a problem for me, today my cough addled brain couldn’t gear up for the task.  Perhaps all the hacking up of lungs deprived my poor cerebrum of oxygen.

Anyway, I decided to play with paint.  I took out one of my mini canvases, and painted a background, I thought I’d paint a tree over the background, but when I started painting it I didn’t care for the result, so I repainted the canvas.  I mixed violet with interference blue and painted the back ground that color.  Then I used a paper towel and created a little texture.

Then I decided to add a dragon fly and some designs, for the dragon fly I went with a mix of iridescent silver and interference pearl, then I coated it with a thin transparent layer of interference blue.

Now, in the middle of all this my husband arrived home with a surprise for the kids, he had called me a little before and let me in on it.  A NEW PUPPY!  We named her Sadie.  She is black lab mix, and she’s very cute but not housebroken.



So, back to the painting.  By the time I finished it, it was too late to go outside where I usually get my best lighting for pictures of paintings.  So I took some photos inside, as usual, photos of paintings taken in indoor lighting don’t have completely true colors.  The actual painting has a background that is much more purple than blue.  Also, depending on which angle you view it from, the appearance changes because of the interference and iridescent paint. I guess these photos will do for now though, later, probably tomorrow, I will get better photos and add this to my gallery of available paintings.  It’s a mini canvas, 2.5 inches on each side, and comes with your choice of a mini wooden easel for display, or a magnet on the back to put it on the fridge.  It is priced at $10.00.

IMG_7555 IMG_7554 IMG_7553 IMG_7551

6 Responses to A Mini Dragon Fly Painting

  1. Vicki J. I have enjoyed reading this post and looking at your artwork. It is truly breathtaking and I’m so glad that God has given you such a beautiful gift. I hope that you do write that children’s book. I know the illustrations will be amazing.

  2. I like your dragonfly. What kind of paint did you use for the wings, I love the texture in them.

    Now I want to try a mini-canvas. 5×7 is the smallest I’ve ever worked with.

    • Nona, I used Golden Brand Heavy body acrylics for the wings, I mixed iridescent silver and interference pearl. Then when that was dry I brushed on a thin layer of interference blue. The rest of the painting was done in Golden brand Heavy body acrylics, and MGraham heavy body acrylics.

  3. I love the texture on the wings; you’re very talented!