A Cactus – Saturday Six-Minute Sketch (Sort of!)

Today for my Saturday Six-Minute Sketch I thought I’d sketch my one of my son’s cactus plants.  He has a few different cacti, and a couple of other plants of other varieties.

Here is a photo of that cactus:

cactus photo

So, as I usually do, I set my timer for six minutes and started sketching.  I was busy sketching away, not aware of how much time was passing, when suddenly the timer went off.  This is what I’d managed to get in six minutes:

cactus drawing2


Well, what was I to do? My Saturday blog post is supposed to be a six-minute sketch, but I didn’t want to leave it unfinished.  I decided to take a picture of it so I could show what I drew in the six-minute time slot, and then to start a stop watch and continue working.

I still worked fast, trying to bring it to a completed state in as little time as I could. I ended up working for five more minutes.  So altogether, today’s finished sketch actually took 11 minutes, I think it was all those pesky cactus spines that got me!

So here is the sketch after 11 minutes, I honestly didn’t notice the white patch on the dirt until just now, or I would have shaded it in before stopping my timer:

Cactus drawin 1


6 Responses to A Cactus – Saturday Six-Minute Sketch (Sort of!)

  1. It looks awesome, you got a lot done in 11 minutes.
    That’s better then I could have done.

    • Thank you, I find that fast sketching, from life, improves my ability to accurately render things when I paint or draw. Now, if I was doing this to be finished art piece rather than a practice sketch, I’d have taken more time and fine tuned the shading and stuff, but this is just practice so my drawing skills don’t get rusty.
      You can’t paint realistically unless you can first draw realistically, so I practice a lot.

  2. Avatar J Robert Maheu
    J Robert Maheu says:

    very good!

  3. I am impressed it takes a lot to sketch something with so much detail in that short space of time x