Hearts Full of Love- Work in Progress

In honor of Valentines Day I have started a painting.  I showed you the background to it on Friday, February 7, and on Tuesday the 10th I will give the answer to the question I posed to my readers.

For now though, I will just post two pictures of the work in progress, now I know that when I finish this it is unlikely that I’ll be able to get it to anyone by Valentines day, unless of course they lived close enough to me for me to hand it to them.  I will still post it though, because who knows?  Maybe someone local will want it, or maybe there is someone with an anniversary or a wedding coming up who might like the painting.

Its still in progress, but most of what is left to do is just touch up work, doing a second coat on some of the outlines and such, plus adding the signature (which will just be initials on this painting), and painting the edges of the canvas solid black.

Anyway here are two photos of the work so far, the second photo is taken at an angle to show the amount of texture this piece has.  It is very different from my usual paintings, but I am branching out and trying new things.

Hearts 2

hearts 1

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4 Responses to Hearts Full of Love- Work in Progress

  1. this is beautiful I love it