Sunday Skies #3

So this is the third week I’ve done the Sunday Skies, and this week’s sky is from a  photo I took a while back when we had snow in our yard.

Here is the photo I’m using for reference:
Photo of a Winter Sky from my porch


Now, I sat down and painted a blue sky for a background to the clouds I would add, and I can see improvement even in my “just blue” skies.  I was somewhat tempted to leave it this way, but I do want to practice more challenging skies than just this.



In order to learn how to better do clouds and skies, I need to challenge myself. If I am going to learn to paint better, I can’t just do the easiest thing.  That is one of the challenges about self teaching, it is tempting to “go easy” on yourself.  So I tackled the clouds I saw in the photo, as usual, the land is just a black silhouette.

Winter Sky Acrylic Painting
Well, the result didn’t look as much like the photo as what I was hoping for, but I decided that I still liked it.  I feel like I am learning a lot about how to paint skies.  I may do a second attempt at this same sky painting next week, or I may base next week’s painting off a different photo.

2 Responses to Sunday Skies #3

  1. I think your sky turned out beautifully. I like the shades of purple you included.

  2. The colors of the levaes and the skies are lovely, and the lighting is magical! (And the photo with the ground mist, perfect so close to Halloween!) 🙂 My favorite of the bunch is the fifth one, of that big, handsome, leafless tree in silhouette against that beautiful dusk sky. Wonderful atmosphere, so evocative!