The Answer to the Guessing Game

Several days ago I posted this picture, and posed the question “How do you think I did this?”

heart background


Between my blog comments, Facebook and Twitter, there were a lot of replies.

Some of you guessed bubble wrap, though you didn’t say how you thought I used the bubble wrap.

Others said spray painting through a doily.

Many suspected that I used a paper towel, though most didn’t go so far as explaining how I used it.  One person speculated that I’d actually painted on a paper towel.

Well, here is the answer, I covered the canvas in Mars Black heavy body acrylics, Then when the black was dry enough to paint over without mixing, but still slightly sticky,  I coated the black with iridescent gold heavy body acrylics, I worked quickly because I didn’t want the gold to dry at all if I could help it.  Then I took a paper towel and laid the patterned side down over the canvas, I pushed it down all over and rubbed my hands over it, and then lifted it away.  The places where the paper towel pattern was more deeply embossed left spots of paint, and in most other places there was a slight sheen of leftover gold.  So you paper towel folks were right!

Now, in the middle there was a spot where the black was still a little more wet than I had thought, and if you closely at the picture you’ll see where some of the black lifted with the gold, and left a slightly rough texture to the paint.

I can’t take credit for coming up with this technique though, a Facebook Friend, Brien Hockman from My Flying Onion accidentally discovered this technique when he thought a painting was a “failure” and started cleaning the extra paint off with a paper towel.   In addition to the Website above My Flying Onion also has a Facebook Page, and a Facebook Group to check out.

After the paper towel “blotting”, I continued to work, and painted/sculpted two hearts on the canvas with red paint and acrylic medium.  I added little random “splashes” of red, and finally outlined the hearts and all the splashes with more gold. Here is what it looked like at that point:Hearts 2

I wanted to have a better photo of it ready to go up today, but the paint is still drying and it’s getting late, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.  You can see the thickness and texture of the work with these photos though.

hearts 1

So, I didn’t make this piece for anyone in particular, if I had, I wouldn’t have been able to post it until after Valentines Day.  I did however make something else for a special someone (my husband!), but I can’t show that until after Valentines Day!

As an artist, you would think that I would always make my Valentines Gifts, but usually I end up buying.  I mean, my art is everywhere, all over our house, that makes giving my paintings to my husband seem kind of silly.  He lives surrounded by them anyway.   However, this year I did make one small thing, and I will also probably buy something for him as well.

How about you? Do you make Valentines gifts, buy them, or both? Click To Tweet

After writing this blog post I was able to get better, printable images of the painting.  It is now on my Redbubble tab and my Fine Art America tab, and can be purchased as a card, a print, a T-shirt, a throw pillow, phone case, duvet cover, mug, or tote bag.

Personally, I think it makes a really nice duvet cover, there are two versions of duvet covers available.

On the FAA tab, you can get one that looks like this:
Hearts Aflame duvet cover

And on the Redbubble tab this version is available:
redbubble duvet hearts

There are also lots of other products it can be printed on, and of course, the original is also available.

9 Responses to The Answer to the Guessing Game

  1. Really Beautiful! Painting is one of my newest hobbies, I love the tip about using paper towels!

    • Ashley, Thanks! I hope it is useful to you sometime. I will probably keep experimenting with other textured items, laying them down and lifting them away like that before painting, it gives a different sort of background than just always painting it with a brush and being done with it.

  2. Wow that turned out great! What a great piece of art!

  3. great post! Your art is beautiful. Jo x

  4. Avatar Chandler Frenette
    Chandler Frenette says:

    Looks like a books binding to me.

    • Chandler, Do you mean the finished painting, or the background done with the paper towel, I suppose the background does look similar to some book bindings I’ve seen.

  5. Lovely lovely lovely! Its always awesome to read how people make their art. I also love the texture of the hearts … makes me want to run my fingers over it!

    -Anastasia Ivy

    Ivy Overjoyed