Sunday Skies #4

Learning to paint skies.

As my regular readers know, after one particularly frustrating experience of repainting the same canvas over and over and over again before finally being satisfied with the way sky came out, I decided to do a practice painting of a sky.

I am happy to say that I feel my overall painting skills are improving as a result.  This shouldn’t surprise me, after all as they say, “practice makes perfect”.  Well, I’m not sure about perfect but I am finding that…

When it comes to art skills, practice makes steady improvement.

Today’s painting was based on a photo of the sky at sunrise which I took a couple of weeks ago.  Photos never seem to capture the true colors of sunrises or sunsets without some post processing, so I edited this photo immediately afterward until I felt the sky in the photo looked like what I had just seen outside. It was a cell phone photo, so some details in the landscape weren’t very clear, but for my purpose it was fine.

It is interesting to note that while this is sunrise, the most colorful view was in the western sky, at least from where I stood.  Of course, some towering trees blocked my view of most of the eastern sky, so that might have the problem!

The colors of the sky are often the hardest to capture.
Ironically, on this particular morning the western /south western  sky was more colorful than the eastern sky.

I am getting better at painting sunrises and sunsets in acrylic paint.

Now, skies like this are a challenge, they are difficult to render so that they both capture the dazzling spectacle you see, and still remain believable, so that people don’t look at them and think its just fanciful embellishment.

I think this week I did better than any of the previous times I’ve tried to capture a sky with colors like this.

Now, I know it’s not a perfect duplication of the photo, but then again, I am not a camera! Excuse the glare, the paint was still wet, the kitchen light was shining down on it, and I had to get the photo so I could publish my Sunday Skies blog post on Sunday and not Monday!

Morning Sky acrylic painting
If i had made done this with more pink, and less orange and yellow, it would have been closer to the photo.


While I can still some room for improvement, I can see that I’m already learning more about painting the sky.

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3 Responses to Sunday Skies #4

  1. This is so pretty!
    I find skies reall difficult. Guess I just have to keep practising 😀