I’m Finally Back!!!

Curtain Closes on Shrek

In my last post, I shared why I had not been keeping up on my blog, basically it was because my blogging time was being used to create sets and props for our local Children’s Musical Theater.

Well, after the actual creation of the sets and props was finished, I still didn’t have my blogging time back because I was helping backstage during performances to place the sets and things where they go, and even during the performances where I wasn’t doing that, I still had to get my daughter to the play because she was performing.  My husband was working security during the performances, so basically, our family was consumed with this play until the final performance.

But finally, the performances are finished.  The final curtain on Kitsap Children’s Musical theater’s rendition of Shrek the Musical last night.  Always a very emotional moment for all involved, especially the kids.  There is the satisfaction of a job well done, but also the sadness that its over, and all that’s left now is photographs and memories of a wonderful time.

Photos and Memories

Speaking of photographs and memories, I would like to share some of them now.

If you’re a regular reader, you probably remember my “before pictures” of our dragon head, that was originally created for a performance of Sleeping Beauty.

Here is the dragon in her original colors, waiting for her makeover.  The horns have been removed to make her more manageable, but they'll be returned when she's finished.
Here is the dragon in her original colors, waiting for her makeover. The horns have been removed to make her more manageable, but they’ll be returned when she’s finished.

Here are some “after” images of the dragon, after I gave her a makeover so she would fit the bill for the Shrek dragon, that is. In the next two shots she is onstage during Shrek the Musical:

Shrek Dragon
Here she is looking menacing, little does she know she’s about to fall in love with Donkey. Photo Credit Lowell Sannes.


Dragon Chasing Fiona and Shrek
Here she is chasing Fiona and Shrek right after Shrek rescues Fiona from the tower.  Photo Credit: Greg Salo.

Of course, this prop isn’t really the best part of the play, the kids were the best part of the play! So here are some more photos showing some of the kids in their roles.

Donkey singing "You Gotta Make a Move"
Here is Donkey trying to influence Shrek to tell Fiona how he feels.  Photo credit: Shelley Erbes.


Fairy tale Characters from Shrek the Musical
A shot of the stage full of Fairy Tale Characters. My daughter is the beardless dwarf on the far left side of picture. Photo Credit Shelley Erbes.

There aren’t really any good photos of my daughter onstage, because she didn’t have a lead role and was in the background most of the time, she is right behind Pinocchio.  Here is cropped version, with the brightness turned up, so we can see her a little better:

Beardless Dwarf, Shrek the Musical
My daughter the Beardless Dwarf, right behind Pinocchio.  Photo credit: Shelley Erbes.

And here is a better shot of one of our “Pinocchios”.

The Pinocchio in one of four casts of Shrek the Musical. Photo Credit: Shelley Erbes.

Here is the funny scene where Fiona meets Farquad.

Fiona and Farquad
Fiona meeting Farquad during KCMT’s Shrek the Musical.  Photo credit: Unknown.

The Play isn’t just Performance Art, its Visual Art too!

You can see that this play was an incredible amount of work for everyone involved.  For me personally, in addition to giving the dragon a complete makeover, I cut out the moon, I primed countless pieces of sets, and I painted two panels that serve to hide the “wings” of the stage.  The amount of painting and other visual art involved in putting on a play is at least equal to the amount of performance art that takes place!

Here are those wing panels.

Stage right wing panel for Shrek the Musical
This is the stage right wing panel drying. So much fun to paint on such a large scale for a change. The panel is about 8 feet tall.


Stage left wing panel
Stage left Wing Panel for KCMT’s Shrek the Musical.
On this one, another artist named Carly McLeod painted the grass and cattails at the bottom of the panel, we were running out of time as the first opening curtain of the production was less than 24 hours away.

Moving on to Other Things

Of course even though the play kept me and my family very busy, I did still find some time for other art, and I have some new pieces I need to post about.  However, those will wait until my next post.