Metamorphosis of an Old Work, Part 2

Making Changes to the Painting.

In part 1 of the Metamorphosis, I had whited out almost all of my covered bridge painting.  Causing it to look like this:

Painting in the background scene.

Well, after that I continued to work.  painting in the background elements first: Like this:

Adding some trees to the painting.

I a river and some foreground trees:

Added some leaves in on the tree, and added another tree on the left, plus some shadows.


Then I continued to add a few details, a few more leaves.

Now, at this point the painting is almost finished, I am going to add some more shadows on the leaves that are on the ground, and I’m going to sign it, and that’s it, it will be done.  The next picture of this that I’ll post will be the finished, for sale image.

All in all, I think I managed to improve this quite a bit from the state it was in when I tossed in the back of the cabinet.  I still see ways I could have done better, but I always do, with every painting, when its done I always look and think, “hmm… If I had only done this or that it would have looked even better.”  So, I take mental note of it and try to make the next painting come out better than the last.