More Set Painting

Painting Sets for Aladdin

As some readers may remember from some previous posts, not all of painting is done just for the sake of creating my own art.  I also sometimes help paint sets for Kitsap Children’s Musical Theater.  
Well, their next play is Aladdin, and so I am getting to paint some “Arabian themed” set elements.

Not as involved as before

One thing that is different this time around, is that I am much busier.  With everything going on with Art Slam Studio, as well as finally getting serious about getting the purchasing pages of this website up and running, and synced up with my etsy shop, and working on that for about an hour each day, I just don’t have the time to be involved with KCMT as I once was.  Still though, I don’t want to stop volunteering for them altogether.  So, for this play, I committed to doing the “wing” panels for the stage.  These are the panels that sit out on stage through the whole play, one on each side, to block the view of the edge of the backstage area, where actors frequently line up waiting for their cue to go on.

The Palace Gardens

For the Aladdin set, we wanted to wing panels to look like entrances to palace garden… So I had to first sketch out an entry way.  I sketched it out, and my daughter helped me apply paint.

Painting Sets, Kitsap Musical Children Theater
My daughter Danielle helping me paint panels for the play “Aladdin”.



Soon we had two panels with the basic frame of an arched gateway, and then I added sky.

Stage panel with sky
Here is one of stage panels with the sky painted in.


Another tage panel with sky
Here is the other stage panel with the sky painted in.


Now it was time to paint the garden.  Here is where I made a mistake.  I thought “garden”, but I didn’t really think much further than that.. so here is what my first garden looked like when it was partly finished.

not Arabian Garden
A nice garden, but…

Now at this point, the garden was about half done, but I kept feeling something was wrong, then it occurred to me, it didn’t look very “Arabian”, so I decided to stop, and wait for the person who is in charge of sets to tell me if I should change it.

I didn’t have to wait long, I didn’t even get a chance to ask before I received an email asking me to change it.


Apparently Arabian Palace Gardens, Didn’t have Cherry Trees.

So I needed to redo the panel, but not the whole thing.  I needed to take out the trees and tulips, and add some more “Arabian” looking plants.

So today I painted over the trees with more sky, took out the tulips, and changed it to this:

Arabian Garden
Now, here is the corrected garden, I managed to finish it today.


Today I also got started on the second panel, but didn’t get finished with it, there is still a lot to do, probably at least 3 hours of work left on the second one, I won’t be able to work on it again until Wednesday though, because on Tuesday I am working a shift at Art Slam Studio.

Aladdin Play, Mural painting
Here is the start of the other panel. A lot more details will be done on this.