Aladdin is all Done

Fun Painting Aladdin Sets

As I wrote about in my last post, I had a lot of fun painting the wing panels for the stage of KCMT’s Aladdin.  I do wish I could have done more though.  I have been busy at Art Slam, teaching painting classes and working shifts to keep it open, so I don’t have as much time for set painting as I used to.

Only Painted the Wing Panels

I did what I could, which was to paint the wing panel’s that hide the backstage areas where actors wait for their turn to go on stage.

Here they are, without their “caps”, which is the top portion of each panel.

Alladin Sets
The finished wing panels, still sitting in the painting room at KCMT, and without their caps.


And here are the caps that would soon be placed on top.



Aladdin, KCMT
The tops or “caps” of the wing panels for the Aladdin set.


Of course the wing panels weren’t meant to sit in a room… like the Aladdin cast, they were meant to be onstage!

The Panel’s On Stage

So here they are on stage.

Aladdin Stage
Aladdin Stage with the wing panels.


My favorite of the two panels.


I only wish I had some pictures of the play itself… I don’t, but it was a great play with any talented kids playing in it!