Paint class Fun, and the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Not Just Painting for Myself

When I first started on my journey as an artist, I painted only for my own pleasure.  Then I started selling those works, and sometimes doing commissions where would paint what the customer wanted rather than simply what would bring me pleasure. In the past 6 months, I’ve added another element of my painting experience, painting for classes.


Painting for classes

In recent months I’ve started giving painting classes and painting nights, and creating paintings just for those classes, paintings that I felt were simple enough for people to follow along and paint with me, provided I gave instruction.  Some of my classes have been big, some small.  Some of the paintings I’ve created for classes were very successful as class samples, some just didn’t prove easy enough for beginners to follow along with. They’ve all been fun, and I really enjoy teaching.

Photos of my some of my painting classes:


Painting classes at Art Slam Studio, Silverdale WA
This was one of my first classes, I learned a lot about how to instruct by what I didn’t do here!


Tree paint class
This was a fun class to do, but few people were happy with their results, so I retired that painting from my choice of samples, people liked my version, but it just wasn’t a very teachable painting.
peacock paint class
The peacock painting was lots of fun to teach, and I think it turned out great for everyone. The little girl on the end wasn’t happy with her results though… but I thought she did a great job!
paint class 2
This class was bigger, but some people left before photos.
fishing buddies class
This class was lots of fun to teach, and I got to meet a long time online friend in person because she came to my class!


The Ultimate Blog Challenge

On another topic, I’ve been wanting to be more regular in my blog posting, and to that aim, I am taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge once again.  It is a challenge where you commit to write a blog post every day for a month, or at least 30 posts over the course of the month.  I am behind because I didn’t start on July 1st, in fact I didn’t start until July 6th.  I am planning that most of my posts will be on this blog, but I am also going to count posts on my other blogs as well, so if I post 5 times on my other blogs, and blog every day here for the rest of the challenge, I’ll catch up and make the challenge!  🙂

4 Responses to Paint class Fun, and the Ultimate Blog Challenge

  1. Teaching is such a great learning experience for the teacher as well as the pupils. Good luck with the challenge 🙂

  2. I love those paint classes! I was skeptical going into my first one – didn’t really want to be there but it turned out to be great fun and my painting wasn’t half bad!
    Thanks for joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge! Happy to have your awesome articles!