Where I hope to Go

Yesterday, I wrote a little about how I got started on my artistic journey, which eventually led to this website, my job teaching painting classes, and most of all a new passion in my life.  Today I am going to write about where I hope to go with my art in general, and with this website as well.


Where I hope to go with my art.

The Big Dream

Of course like most artists I’d like to reach the point where my work is appreciated by collectors and I sell enough to live off the sales of my paintings. Realistically I know that only very few artists ever make that dream a reality.  So, while I am doing what I can to make that happen someday, I am not holding my breath for it.  I do try to learn all I can about the changing art market, about branding, about marketing, and about those most successful artists did to get where they are, and I implement what I can of it.  But I am also taking much joy where I am right now.

Joy in the Present Reality, while looking forward.

I am taking joy every day in the fact that I have a place to go create art, and that I am making enough on my art and classes to pay my studio rent each month so that it doesn’t cost me out of pocket to have this place.  I am also looking forward to continuing to grow with my art.  I want to continually improve, through study, through practice, by learning from others.  I want my art to develop and mature even more.  I can see a world of difference between my first paintings and what I do now, and I want to continue to see that growth.


Where I hope to go with this website.

More regular posting. 

I want to be regular with my posting. I want to keep content flowing so that readers actually have something to read when they come to this site.  While over the month of July I hope to post every day, after that I am really hoping to be consistent with at least twice a week.


More useful content.

I want readers to be able to come here and not only see my art that is for sale, I also want them to be able to find instructions, tips, step by step tutorials, paint along videos, and so much more.  I want this site to inspire creativity in my readers, and help them develop it, rather than having this site just be a redundant extension of my etsy shop.


More interactive content.

I really desire to have more interaction with my readers.  People commenting and letting me know what they think.  Other artists guest posting.  To this aim, I know I will need to have engaging content, things like challenges where I ask readers to create art and post it on their own blog, and then to come and comment and leave a link to their post, I also plan to do some  contests and giveaways.


Meeting Your Needs

More than anything I want this website to meet the needs and desires of the readers, to give them what they are looking for when they look at a blog.

To that end, I invite you, my readers, to comment on this post let me know what kinds of content you’d most like to see.

  • Paint along with me videos? (kind of like Bob Ross, but my voice isn’t as soothing as his).
  • Step by step written tutorials?
  • Challenges where you can share your work?
  • Contests?
  • Giveaways?
  • Guests Posts?
  • Something else? (If you want to see something else, tell me what it is!)


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  1. I would really love to see the first 2