Ordering an Artist’s Days

The Struggle with Time Management

I am an artist.  I am creative.  I do things differently.  I am… not neat and orderly!

I can immerse myself in a project and completely lose all sense of time.  In fact, it doesn’t even take an actual project, I can be sitting and thinking about a project I want to start and I can loose all sense of time.  The next thing I know, four hours has gone by, and I haven’t accomplished anything other than mental plans.  The plans are great, and sometimes they actually are implemented into wonderful productive projects, but sometimes, they are pushed to the side and forgotten, or deliberately abandoned, and the four hours amounts to four hours lost, with nothing to show for them.

Meanwhile, my home is in desperate need of organization.  My dresser is a perfect example of that fact, the drawers are stuffed to the point that I can’t open and close the drawers without wrestling with them… and yet I have nothing to wear.  At least nothing in my current size, that isn’t out of style of stained with paint.  So why are my drawers so full?  Well, simply because I haven’t set aside the time to sort through, and give away, throw away, or store things as appropriate.  Other areas of my house have similar issues.  I’ve been wanting to correct this for a  long time, but just hadn’t found a reliable way to get my time management under control.


No Premade Solutions seemed to fit.

I’ve looked long and hard at planners, apps, and many other different types of time management tools, only to find that they didn’t quite meet my needs.  Preprinted planners always had either not enough room, or too much wasted paper space.  Apps on the computer or my phone often took too long to make entries into, and even if I did set a reminder to something, once I cleared the reminder it was gone, and would sometimes slip my mind.  For example, if I had a doctors appointment next month, and I set a reminder on my phone to alert me a week before, I would get that reminder, and acknowledge it on the app, but then it was gone, and I might forget about it.  So I would set multiple reminders, a week before, two days before, one day before, etc.

This worked acceptably for things like doctors appointments, but not so much for things like remembering to walk the dog each day, or setting aside time to clean my dresser.  Sometimes I’d make myself lists, and they seemed to help, but they had drawbacks too.  If something came up and I didn’t complete a task on the list, it often never made it to the next day’s list, and I often didn’t even remember to make a list for the day!

I needed something else, something different, something that I could customize to meet my needs.  Something that could help me with long term plans that were six or months down the road, and also help with what was happening this month, this week, and today.  Something that could help me complete tasks on a list, but that also could help me establish habits I wanted to have, so that eventually those things wouldn’t even need to be on a list of tasks anymore because they would be as much a part of routine as my morning shower.

Then, one day, a friend’s facebook post lead to a internet search, which lead to another and another link.  As I went from site to site, and picture to picture.  I realized I had found the answer.

But you’ll need to come back and read again tomorrow to find out what that answer is, for now, I’ll leave you with this photo as a hint.

Here is you Hint
Here is your hint!


2 Responses to Ordering an Artist’s Days

  1. Way to tease us! All I could think was that it was about time for me to color again. Talk about procrastination!