My Solution for Time Management

The Struggle, Recap

Yesterday, I posted about my very real struggle with time management, and with forgetting things I needed to do.  Part of having an artists brain that is always filled with ideas for new creations and can’t be bothered with little pesky things like remembering to pay the phone bill.  I also said that I had found the answer, but then I left you hanging, and didn’t tell you what that answer was.  Instead, I just left you with this hint:


Here is you Hint
Here is your Hint


So What is the answer?

The answer that I hinted about yesterday, is something called a bullet journal.  It is a planner, a habit tracker, a book for random notes, a task list, and a journal all in one.


Its a planner, a habit tracker, a book for random notes, a task list, and a journal all in one... Click To Tweet


Exactly What, is  a Bullet Journal?

I won’t try to explain the entire concept myself, first, first, I’ll let the creator of this method explain it to you, then perhaps in future posts I’ll share more with you about my experience with it so far.  The creator of the bullet journal system Ryder Carroll, and if you are interested in this system, I encourage you to start with his original layout as a base, and then start customizing it for yourself as you discover what works best for you.  That is the beauty of the bullet journal system it can be super simple, like Ryder’s, or elaborate and creative, as you’ll quickly see if you you google it.  So, in this video, Ryder Carroll explains the basics of the bullet journal system.


Coming Soon, My Own Bullet Journal Pages 


My own bullet journal was only started a few days ago, but its already increased my productivity dramatically.  In future posts I’ll share some of my experience, and some photos of my own pages, and tell you about them.  For now though, I think Ryder has explained the basics better than I could anyway.  If you want to learn more from Ryder himself, go to and you’ll learn lots more!


5 Responses to My Solution for Time Management

  1. Hmm…that’s very similar to what I do. With a few tweaks, I could match his suggestions. I may have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Interesting. Always looking for a way to improve productivity. I’ve used a Franklin Planner for years, but see a few ideas I could add to this system. Thanks for sharing the informative video.

    • The franklin planner is a pretty good one, but I always have to do things my own way, so bullet journaling gives me a little more freedom to structure it exactly how I want for each day. I even keep notes on my bible reading in there.

  3. I think I am too lazy to do this, although it looks pretty efficient and tempting.

    • The beauty of bullet journaling is that you can adapt it to your needs… if a daily list is too much for you, you can pick 2 or 3 tasks to finish by the end of the week and tackle those! But if you don’t have a very busy schedule, you might not need to keep track on paper anyway.