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So, the past several posts have been about how I discovered the Bullet Journal System and how I am utilizing it.  I thought I’d share one more post on that before getting back to strictly art related posts for a bit.


The Habit Tracker

This spread is my habit tracker, I am finding it very useful for helping me stay on track with the habits I am trying to develop.  I haven’t been keeping it that long, but I am already seeing how it will help me see what habits I am successfully developing, and what habits I need to push a little harder for.  Originally I set it up in different colors figuring I would fill out the squares all across with that color, but I’ve found that I’m often filling it out at the end of the day when I simply don’t have any energy left, and I end up filling in all the squares with whatever pen I have in hand.  So next month when I set up the habit tracker, I’ll probably do it all in one color.  Some of my habits are not things I am trying to do daily such as strength training, I am aiming for 3 days a week.  So I write “na” in those squares on the days I am not even trying to do it.  I also wrote “na” in the first few squares for walking my dog Sadie, because I had an injured arm and she pulls a lot.  (Working on her training is another habit I’m working on!)

I have “track all food” under one habit, and “stay in calorie limit” on another, that is because I am really wanting to work on tracking my calories even if I go a little over, because in the past, if I went over, my mind would be, “Oh well, I messed up, no point in tracking now!” the result of giving up the tracking for the day was that I’d eat way more than I otherwise would have.  Instead of just going over by 100 calories or so, when I stopped tracking I would lose all control and not know how much I was over.  By tracking both of these habits separately, I am encouraged to keep tracking even if I “blew it”, and therefore minimize the damage done by these slip ups.  I still actually track my calories on sparkpeople.com though, rather than in the book.



bullet journal habit tracker
My habit tracker as of the beginning of the day on July 10th.


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Daily Spreads

So after the Future Log, the monthly spread, and habit tracker, comes the daily spreads.  This is where I refer to the future log and the monthly spread and make a decision as to what tasks I want to aim for that day.  These pages are largely responsible for the increase in my productivity.  I’ve made daily lists before, but when I didn’t have time to do everything on the list, the items I didn’t get to were often forgotten and never got done.  The simple idea of “migration” with the bullet journal system makes such a difference, if something doesn’t get done, I migrate it to the next day by adding a “>” to the bullet, then I add it to the next day’s list.  I will continue doing this until the task gets done.  This means that eventually the task gets done.  This is going to make such a difference to me, and believe it or not, to my relationships.  I won’t be relying on my memory any more to send birthday cards, and letters.  I have a terrible track record of buying birthday cards in plenty of time, signing them, addressing and stamping the envelope, and then forgetting to ever put it into the mail.  So from now on, I will be daily copying the task of mailing the card until it is actually done.  Physically writing a task down over and over causes it to stay in the mind in a way that entering it into iCalendar never does.

You can see that I don’t just keep task lists in the daily spread though, I record my daily Bible reading and my thoughts about it, if I go to a meeting and take notes, they go on that day’s spread, sermon notes from church go right on Sunday’s daily spread.  Basically, everything I have to remember, or need to write down for some reason, goes into one place.  Its like an extension of my brain, but unlike my brain, my notebook doesn’t lose track of what’s happening every time a squirrel scampers by.


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July 6 Daily Spread
You can see my task list on the left side, my morning Bible reading is on the right, I kept track of my water intake on the bottom, I added tasks that I did that weren’t actually on the list under “other tasks”.
July 6, evaluation
Some days I actually write down an evaluation of how I did on my daily goals, other days I’m just too tired or whatever and I just write things down for the next day and go to bed.



July 10 daily spread
As you can see, for Sunday, I had my task list, and write on the same spread I put the sermon notes from church right there.


July 10th Daily spread 2
Here you see July 10th continuing, and since the day was to include a board meeting at ArtSlam studio, I designated a space for board meeting notes.


Of course I have lots of other daily spreads, but I won’t share all of them.  I want to keep my posts short enough to be readable, and this one has already gotten longer than I usually aim for!

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