I am Grateful that I Met…

There are many people who I am grateful to have met.

I could list the people I’m glad to have met and the list would go on and on, my parents, my kids, my husband, several friends, my pastor, etc.  But as it relates to art, there are two people who really stand out that I am thankful to have met.


People who helped me as an artist.

My Junior High Art Teacher.

The first person I need to put here is my junior high art teacher, unfortunately I don’t remember his name, but he taught drawing, all of the fundamental things a person needs to be able to draw.  Line, value, shading, perspective, and then he had us practice and practice and practice.

Albert Mulkey

In my county there are two branches of the same art store, known as Artists Edge, and one of the employees of those stores is Albert Mulkey.  He hosts, twice a week, a free art group where people can just come and create, and he encourages, gives hints and help, and generally just facilitates their creativity.

I attended his art group early on, when I was just learning, and he helped a lot.  He didn’t really directly teach me much, though he did on occasion impart little bits of instruction, what he did do though was to provide a place where I could go and practice, every week, on a consistent basis, for 2 hours or so for as long as I needed that encouragement.  We of course got into many discussions, and we didn’t always agree on everything, but I always enjoyed our art sessions.

Eventually other things took over my Saturdays, and I couldn’t make the art groups anymore, but I am still very grateful to have met Al.  If you are in Poulsbo or Silverdale WA, be sure to stop by the Artists Edge, and tell them I said “Hi”.


Susanna DeSantos

I am very thankful also to have Susanna DeSantos, the founder and one of the House Artists at ArtSLAM studio. I am grateful to her for starting this studio that so openly welcomes artists of all styles and skill levels and gives them a place to grow, to learn, and eventually display and sell their art.

She worked tirelessly, and without pay, to establish our studio and set up permanent systems to run it, even though she learned early in the process that she would be moving away and wouldn’t benefit from her efforts as much as everyone else would.


All of the Other Artists At ArtSLAM stuido

Many other people besides Susanna helped get ArtSLAM studio going of course, the president Colleen Dobbin, one of our formal house artists who had to leave when she moved, Sue Weaver-Haskell, Stephani Morgan, Angela Kartischko, Sallie Nau, Sharon Lee Smith, and many more.  I don’t want to leave any out, but there are so many of them.  They’ve all helped me and each other to grow in the year we’ve been together as a studio.

Robert Maheu

I can’t make a list of those who help me with my art and not mention my husband Bob.  His support has meant so much to me.  He helps and encourages me all the time.  He volunteers hours on my behalf at ArtSLAM studio.  He has helped me set up and break down for shows and events.

He also puts up with my scatter-brained artist brain, that causes me to forget things like meals, and to leave a trail behind me through the house if I am too busy in my own thoughts to realize what I’m doing.

One thing I know for sure, without him there is no way I could devote so much time and energy into my art.

Of course he has blessed me in countless ways unrelated to my art as well, but those would be too many to list.

2 Responses to I am Grateful that I Met…

  1. Avatar lesliekeffler
    lesliekeffler says:

    You wrote some really nice compliments for the many people who have helped you with your art. I hope some of them get to see this post. I have never been very artistic. I think it’s one of the those things you are born with and that can’t be taught.

  2. Avatar Susanna De Santos
    Susanna De Santos says:

    Thank you for being one of the divinely right artist to walk into that show and into my life. I’m so grateful for you and Bob. The studio would not be what it is today without your bravery, patience and hard work… Not to mention that amazing husband of yours. You both are amazing and I love that you are a driving force in the studio. Thank you for your kind words and as always, your candor. Love yah