Political Rubbish

Today’s Topic is Supposed to be Political

So the ultimate blog challenge suggests topics for us to follow each day, and sometimes I follow them and sometimes I choose not to.  Today we were asked to write a post about what our particular industry would be influenced by one or the other of the candidates winning.  I have a few thoughts on this, the first being that if anyone outside of the United States is taking part in this blog challenge this topic won’t really apply to them.  My other thoughts on it… well some things are best unsaid.


Politics do have an effect on the art market.

Politics do have an effect on the art market, because anything that affects the economy affects the art market.  That much is clear, but I can’t say that I believe either of the candidates for the major parties would be good for the economy.  I am honestly so disgusted with our choices when it comes to the two major parties.

At the risk of offending anyone who is honestly, fully supportive of either of them, I’ll say that my political view for this election is summed up by the bumper sticker I have on my van:

We're Screwed 2016 sticker
This is the bumper sticker I have on my van. Click on it to be taken to a site to purchase it.
I was NOT paid to promote this product, and I am not the seller of this product myself.


Politically, all Americans, artists and non-artists are screwed if things stay as they are.

Politically I just don’t see a bright future for America unless we get away from this two party rut we’ve gotten ourselves in. The Republican party has chosen a loud mouth buffoon who makes fun of handicapped people, degrades women, and is accused some pretty serious crimes, not only that, but he has no filter on his words, and could easily anger the wrong person and get the country in a war.  Even if I agreed with everything he wants to do, I still have trouble getting past these things.

The democratic party is corrupt to the core, the establishment of that party picking a candidate that the majority of democrats didn’t want, and silencing the candidate that had overwhelming support by the majority of democrats. This candidate is guilty of mishandling classified information in such a way that would have landed anyone else in prison, she’s also been recorded laughing about how, as a defense attorney,  she got a child rapist off, even though she knew he was guilty.  In her defense that was job as his defense attorney, but how someone who claims to support the rights of women could find humor in letting a rapist off, is beyond my comprehension.


Non-politically, there is reason for hope.

Yes, I believe we are pretty much screwed politically, but I am not really worried.  Why? Because my hope is not in a politician.  There are reasons to hope all around us, every time we see one human being perform and kindness for another, there is hope, but human kindness is not my main hope, there is also a growing move to change the American system so that third parties have a chance, which would be wonderful, but that is not my main hope either.

Politically we are screwed, but there are reasons to hope all around us... Click To Tweet Every time we see one human being perform a kindness for another, there is hope. Click To Tweet


My hope is in Jesus Christ, and my citizenship is not of this world.  So no matter what happens in the presidential election.  I am full of hope for my future. 


But human kindness is not main hope, My hope is in Jesus Christ. Click To Tweet


2 Responses to Political Rubbish

  1. It’s easy to be affected by what’s going on outside of ourselves. However, as long as we know where we stand and who or what we believe in, there’s always a better path awaiting. As they say, everything has a solution. We just haven’t reach that stage yet.

  2. Thanks be to God! At least, we can rely on God! This election is a nightmare. The Republican is a raving lunatic and the Democrat has never met a war powers resolution that she didn’t like! So I bought myself a shirt. It says “Everybody sucks 2016. The U.S. is doomed.” Tomorrow, I am going to wear my anti-campaign fashion statement.