2016 – You’re Fired! (but you weren’t All Bad)

2016 in Recap

2016 was a very strange and eventful year. From celebrity deaths to election results, this year has left much of us in a state of disbelief. It has been a bumpy ride, and a great many people are relieved to see it end. As much as many would like to tell 2016, “You’re Fired!”, in reality, it hasn’t all been bad, like any year its had its ups and downs, I thought though, that a recap was in order.  This post will recap the year in general, kind of the public year if you will. Later, I will recap 2016 on a more personal level, looking at what has happened in my life and in my art over the past year.

From celebrity deaths to election results, this year has left much of us in a state of disbelief. Click To Tweet


Election Results! 

First, and most obviously, Trump was elected president!  Now, I am going to refrain from expressing any political view here, but whether you are thrilled by, devastated by, or indifferent to the election results, surely you must admit that it is unexpected.  What I mean is, if someone told you four years ago that the next President to be elected would be Donald Trump, would you have believed them, or would you have wondered what they were smoking?  For me it would have been the latter.

If someone told you four years ago that Trump would be president, would you have believed them? Click To Tweet


Celebrity Deaths

This is absolutely NOT an exhaustive list.  If I included everyone, the list would be three times longer, but here is a list of famous people who were lost over 2016, I put the ones most notable to me in bold type.  Now, 2016 still has four more days, and I pray I won’t have to come back and add new names to this list!

  • Carrie Fisher – Star Wars actress who played Princess Leia
  • Tricia Lynn McCauley – “Step Up” actress
  • Ricky Harris – Comedian
  • George Michael – singer/songwriter
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor – Hungarian Actress
  • Alan Thicke – actor from “Growing Pains”
  • Joe McNIght – NFL player
  • Florence Henderson – actress who played the mom on “The Brady Bunch”
  • Sharon Jones – soul singer
  • Leonard Cohen – singer and poet
  • Bobby Vee – singer
  • Steve Dillon – comic book artist
  • Dylan Rieder – professional skateboarder
  • Juan Gabriel – Latin Musician
  • Gene Wilder – Actor, best known for his role as Willy Wonka.
  • Lou Pearlman – former manager for the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC
  • Matt Roberts – ex Guitarist from 3 Doors Down
  • Kenny Baker – the actor behind R2D2
  • Michael Cimino – Actor from the Deer Hunter
  • Anton Yelchin – Actor who played Chekov in the Star Trek “reboot” movies
  • Muhammed Ali – Boxing Legend, if you’ve not heard of him you must be living on the moon
  • Alan Young – Mr. Ed Actor
  • John Berry – original Beastie Boys member
  • Ron Brace – Former Patriots defensive lineman
  • Prince – Musician, singer, songwriter
  • Doris Roberts – actress from Everybody Loves Raymond, she played Raymond’s mom.
  • Merle Haggard – country music legend
  • Patty Duke – actress
  • Tray Walker – cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens
  • Larry Drake – actor from LA Law
  • Frank Sinatra Junior – son of legend Frank Sinatra, and also a singer, songwriter, and musician himself
  • Keith Emerson – Musician and composer
  • George Martin – Beatles Producer
  • Nancy Reagan – Former First Lady
  • Joey Feek – country singer
  • George Kennedy – Cool Hand Luke actor
  • Tony Burton – Rocky actor
  • Harper Lee – author of To Kill a Mockingbird
  • George Gaynes – actor Police Academy
  • Antonin Scalia – supreme court justice
  • Dave Mirra – BMX star
  • Maurice White – Founder of Earth, Wind, and Fire
  • Joe Alaskey – voice actor for many of the original Looney Tunes characters.
  • Signe Toly Anderson and Paul Kanter- both members of Jefferson Airplane, and both died on the same day
  • Glenn Frey – Guitarist from the Eagles.
  • Dan Haggerty – actor Grizzly Adams
  • Alan Rickman – actor he played Severus Snape on the Harry Potter movies
  • Micheal Galeota – best known for his role as Nick Lighter in the Disney Channel Original Series The Jersey.
  • David Bowie – do I really need to tell you who he is? Singer, songwriter, actor… the Goblin King from the movie Labyrinth.
  • Pierre Boulez – French composer, conductor, writer and organizer of institutions.  Wikipedia calls him “one of the dominant figures of the post-war classical music world.”
  • Craig Strickland – country singer vocalist for Backroad Anthem
  • Jason Wingreen – voice of Boba Fett (Star Wars)

Of course even in the list of deaths some are not necessarily bad news, since the world was also relieved of a murdering dictator, Fidel Castro in 2016, while I’m sure there are members of his family and perhaps a few of his friends who saw this as a tragedy, the world as whole should be fairly relieved, even if we can’t quite bring ourselves to be happy about it.


Despite what many seem to think, a lot of good things happened in 2016! Click To Tweet

2016 had its good points

Despite what many seem to think, a lot of good things happened in 2016, too many to list so I decided to narrow it down to these gems.

If you're reading this, you survived 2016... so that is good news! Click To Tweet