Reclaiming Some Artwork

Displaying My Artwork for Sale

I try to sell my artwork for several reasons.  One of those reasons is that I like to get back at least a little of the money I spent on supplies.  The other reason is that my house can only hold so many paintings!   There have been times when I’ve had paintings stacked in corners because I didn’t have any more room to hang them. That has been less of an issue lately, since my work is being displayed at ArtSLAM Studio and the Kitsap Mall, and since I’ve sold a few pieces as well.  At one time though, I was always looking for places willing to display my art for sale.


Not every place is ideal for displaying art for sale.

One of the places my work had been hanging is at my chiropractor’s office.  Now, I was flattered when my chiropractor offered to display my work, but when he actually hung it I was disappointed.  It was hung in a hallway that patients only see if they are headed to the x-ray room. When he offered, I envisioned people sitting in the waiting room waiting for massage (also offered at the same facility), and seeing the painting with my contact information underneath so that if they liked it they could get a hold of me and buy it.  Instead it was hanging in an area seldom seen, and when seen at all, only seen while quickly passing by.

At the time though, I needed a place to store paintings anyway so I left it.  However, lately my panel at ArtSLAM Studio has been looking a little bare, so I decided that I needed to reclaim the painting from the chiropractor’s office.


Not every place is ideal for displaying art for sale. Click To Tweet


The painting I reclaimed today.

So today I reclaimed my Koi Pond painting, and returned it to my house artist panel at ArtSLAM.  It’s an acrylic painting, on a 16×20 inch stretched canvas.

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This painting can be purchased by clicking by clicking RIGHT HERE

3 Responses to Reclaiming Some Artwork

  1. Beautiful painting!

  2. this painting is definitely in a better place now 🙂 really beautiful.. inspires me (love drawing but havent done much painting)
    this is my post for today