Oil Pastel Sea Turtle

An Oil Pastel Tutorial by Mr. Otter Art Studio

Today the prompt for the Ultimate Blog Challenge was to share a video. ┬áRight away I thought of Amy Pearce, who has at least two YouTube channels with lots of art tutorials… I noticed that her channel titled “Mr. Otter Art Studio” seemed to have more beginning level art tutorials, so I decided to select a video from that channel.

One thing I like about Amy’s art tutorials is that when she is doing something repetitive, she speeds up the camera to show that part, so you don’t have to sit for 30 minutes watching as she does the same thing over and over on different parts of a picture.

I decided to share her tutorial on making a Sea Turtle with oil pastels.


So if you want to see more of Amy’s lessons, check out Mr. Otter Art Studio, and also Amy Pearce.

4 Responses to Oil Pastel Sea Turtle

  1. How cool. My grandson is really interested in pastels. I can’t wait to share this video with him.

  2. cool and sweet.. thank you, will try it out myself