When I Watch a Movie

Photo by MrSickboy50 at morguefile.com
Photo by MrSickboy50 at morguefile.com

Movies and T.V. as Inspiration

Today,  for the ultimate blog challenge we were supposed to share about the last movie we watched.  Well last night I watched E.T. for probably the 20th time, and recently I’ve watched Doctor Strange, while I enjoyed both of these movies, neither were astonishingly inspirational for a new piece of art at this time.  So I decided to try to think of another thing to write about.  I surfed the web looking at other art blogs hoping for inspiration.  I’m tired, and inspiration isn’t coming.  I revisited the move idea… E.T. was pretty impressive in its time for the special effects, which are an art form in themselves… but E.T. is also a pretty old movie, and by today’s standards the special effects it employed seem a little lacking.

Finally I started thinking that instead of trying to write about one specific movie and its effect on me, I’d write about how I tend to respond to movies and T.V. shows.  Like everyone else, I get into the story, but for me I pay a lot of attention to another aspect of the movie.

My reaction to what is shown on the screen.

If I’m watching an animated movie, I pay far more attention to the artwork than the story.  Often I’m impressed at how skillfully the background in an animated movie has been drawn.

If I’m watching a drama, a family comedy, or action movie, I often find myself distracted by the art on the walls in the background.  Everyone else might be wondering who killed the victim in a crime show, and while I wonder too, I’m also wondering where the investigator got that awesome painting of a dark figure standing in a doorway casting a long, menacing shadow into the room.  AS I’m watching a romantic comedy, and as the couple are delightfully falling for each other at a local coffee shop, I’m looking over their shoulder at a painting on the wall, impressed that somehow the artist used a simple silhouette of grass and managed to convey a feeling of peaceful solitude.

Usually, I keep these thoughts to myself, mainly because people tend to give you strange looks when, instead of being appalled at the blood soaked floor dismembered body parts of the movie crime scene, you suddenly exclaim, “Wow!  Look at that awesome painting on the wall!”

Faced with a grizzly on-screen murder scene, do you say, 'Look at that cool painting on the wall!'? I do! Click To Tweet

So, I guess that is one way that artists, or at least this artist, views the world the differently from “normal” people.


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7 Responses to When I Watch a Movie

  1. I don’t watch many movies but I do love ET! I like the older movies better than most of the ones that are coming out these days.

  2. I also love movies and find inspiration and hope as well as entertainment. I just watched “LaLaLand” in the theater and I highly recommend it. It’s an old fashoned musical with a modern twist. If you like music, good acting and a truly inspirational story, don’t miss it.

  3. Well I turn my eyes away from the screen when I am uncomfortable with what is being shown on screen. And I’d rather admire a painting on the wall rather than watch a gruesome murder being filmed!