Way Back Wednesday

Some of my oldest Artwork

I thought I would start sharing some of my older pieces of art, things I did before I ever would have thought to call myself an artist.  I don’t have a lot of this work, most of it has gotten lost over the years, and of what I do have, a lot of it is damaged.  Still, I thought I’d share it, to kind of look back on my artistic development.  So each Wednesday I’ll share a piece, until I’ve shared all that I have.

Seventh Grade Art Class

I had a difficult childhood, there was abuse, there was neglect.  I don’t want to get into a lot details, but by the time I was in 7th grade I was fairly messed up.  I skipped school a lot.  Sometimes I was at school but would fail to go to all my classes.  One class I never willingly missed though was art class.  It was my 5th period class.  I wish I could remember my teacher’s name, he was really a great teacher who cared about his students.  Sadly, I don’t remember though.  It was in this class that I learned the basics of drawing, shading, perspective, etc.

Self Portrait

One of our assignments was a self portrait, it was done in January, I know because I wrote that on the back.  I remember I wasn’t happy with it because the mouth was crooked, I felt that the rest of it was pretty good, except the mouth.  I tried to erase, but we were using a strange brownish red chalk I’ve never used since, and a cheap paper… my efforts to erase were doing little more than wearing a hole in the paper, even though I was carefully using the kneaded eraser that  the teacher said would lift the chalk.  Finally, I stopped erasing, figuring a crooked mouth was better than a big hole.

Now of course as I look at it, I see a lot more wrong than just the crooked mouth, I did almost no shading on the cheeks, I NEVER had eyebrows that thin, and didn’t draw any eyelashes at all, plus my eyes are much wider than my own eyes are, but I probably made that change on purpose because I’ve always disliked that one of my eyes kind of droops and both tend to squint. Still, I guess it wasn’t horrible for 7th grade work done by someone who really didn’t focus on anything I should have focused on at the time.

This is the earliest of my drawings that I still have. Click To Tweet
The earliest of my drawings in my possession, a self portrait drawn in in 7th grade.
The earliest of my drawings in my possession, a self portrait drawn in in 7th grade.



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2 Responses to Way Back Wednesday

  1. that is a cool self’ie’ 🙂 so much better to try to work on this .. i like drawing as well but have not yet had too much success with portraits.. need practice