Making Something Old New Again

Sometimes A Painting can be More than Just One Thing

This isn’t the first time I’ve re-worked a painting, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might remember when I redid a painting that had one element in it I really liked, but I really hated everything else, so I covered everything except that one thing with white and redid everything around.  I told about that in Metamorphosis of an Old Work PART 1 and PART 2. In that case I was reworking the original to try to bring it in line with the vision I’d originally had for it, but which I failed to achieve the first time around.

This time though, I did the original exactly as I wanted, or as my daughter wanted, since I did it for her. The original is still hanging in her room.  It is titled Eiffel Tower in Pink.

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A print of this painting can be purchased by clicking RIGHT HERE.


I thought it looked nice, and I made several archival prints of it. For some reason though, of all my prints, I sold fewer of these than any other.  So lately I’ve been looking at it and wondering what I could do to use the prints I bought.  Well, with Paris being the city of Romance, and with the pink background, and with Valentines Day being around the corner, I decided to take a print and modify it for Valentines Day.  So, I added paint on top of the print, which I will later scan and have greeting cards made from.  The photo below is just taken with my phone, I’ll do a high-resolution scan to make the cards from. And this print with the paint on it?  Well I think I am going to get a piece of poster and make a giant card from it, and ask the same as I would have asked for the print in the first place.

I took one of my archival prints of Eiffel Tower in Pink, and painted on a heart and greeting to make it into a Valentine's card.
I took one of my archival prints of Eiffel Tower in Pink, and painted on a heart and greeting to make it into a Valentine’s card.


6 Responses to Making Something Old New Again

  1. very cool! and love both versions.. love the bright pink..

  2. Oh, I really love the Valentine Eiffel Tower! It is cheerful and so romantic!

  3. I love it! Great way to recycle something!