Half a Face, Plus Some Blogs I’ve Found During this Challenge

Way Back Wednesday, Half a Face

So, I am continuing to share my old art from Junior High School Art class, which puts this way back in the early 1980’s.  Some of my artwork from so long ago has been lost, and most of it is damaged at least a little.  One assignment I remember involved taking a magazine picture of someone’s face, cutting it in half, and then trying to draw the missing half of the face. I’m sure this is probably a really good way to improve your portrait drawing skills.  At the time I was happy with the results the way I did them, but now I look at it and really wonder why I didn’t do  more details in the eye, I mean I just colored in the entire iris and pupil in gray, and didn’t give her any eyelashes at all!  Oh well, I was just a kid after all..

half face drawing lesson
When I was in Junior High, this looked pretty good to me, but now the eye looks all wrong!
The original magazine photo has faded and has glue streaks all over it too, so its harder to see any detail in it.

 Some Blogs I’ve Enjoyed Reading During the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

The January Ultimate blog challenge is almost finished, and today’s suggested topic was to share some of the blogs we’ve enjoyed reading during the challenge. I have enjoyed several. These aren’t in any specific order, just because I list one before another doesn’t mean I like it better.

  • Jane Porterfield always gives lots of great SEO and website tips, I know I really need to take the time with her blog to try out all her suggestions, its like a crash course in Search Engine Optimization.
  • Chondra Rankin is a blog that is great to go for personal development and positive thoughts!
  • The Martha Review gives great book and product reviews so you can find out about an item before purchasing it.
  • Nita Beshear is a blog about life from the perspective of a widow who still manages to be postiive most of the time.
  • Words of Encouragement is a blog that, well, give you words of encouragement from a Christian point of view.
  • Cerebrations is a business blog by Roy Ackerman.
  • My Creative Wings is all about creativity of many different kinds from art to writing.
  • Biblical Parenting is a blog all about parenting from a Christian perspective.
  • Design with Kelly is all about design, art, and home decor.
  • Digital Maestro is a blog all about websites and online strategies.
  • My R and R Space is a personal blog reflecting on all aspects of life!

So, I hope you will visit some of these websites, and let them know you learned about them from here!

10 Responses to Half a Face, Plus Some Blogs I’ve Found During this Challenge

  1. For being in Junior High, you did great on your face! What a nice surprise to see my blog listed on those you enjoy reading. I am so pleased with the UBC bloggers and all their great blogs. Thank you so much Vicki!

  2. Painting half a face! What a great idea! For sure, I will have to try it.

    • Yes, it is a good exercise, though this one was a drawing rather than a painting. I plan to do it again, now that I’ve had a lot more practice with art, and see what kind of results I get.

  3. I love your artwork.

  4. Thanks for sharing my site, http://DigitalMaestro.com – and more importantly, I am glad that you are enjoying the Ultimate Blog Challenge! I hope it is what you were expecting and more!

  5. thanks for the shoutout Vicki.. your art and your posts about art continue to inspire me as they have since i started reading it earlier as part of UBC.. will continue visiting and being inspired after UBC ends for the month..