Mystical Mountains, My New Class Painting

A New Asian Style Painting

Today I spent the day in the studio, and worked on a new sample painting for my classes.  I was really pleased with the results, it is a series of mountains in the mist in the background, a branch of cherry blossoms overhanging the top corner, and some silhouetted foreground bushes in front of a silhouetted Asian styled building, that resembles a Buddhist temple.  When I showed the painting to the Studio manager, she helped me come up with the title “Mystical Mountains”.  One of the other artists at the studio has told me she wants first dibs at buying the painting, so once I figure out how much I am going to charge for it, I just might already have a sale.

Of course, I can’t tell you all about my painting and not show it to you. The following photo was just taken with my phone, so its not really the best quality, but it still gives a pretty good idea what the painting looks like.

The painting I'll demonstrate for my next painting class. Buddhist temple, misty mountains, cherry blossoms, sakura
The painting I’ll demonstrate for my next painting class.


5 Responses to Mystical Mountains, My New Class Painting

  1. Your students will love learning how to do that. The cherry blossoms in the top give it some pizzaz. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. love cherry blossoms; and the painting is beautiful..and the title fits perfectly..

  3. What a beautiful painting, it almost looks like a photography!!