Nurturing Motivation as an Artist

Staying Motivated as an artist


The Ultimate Blog Challenge is almost over, just today and tomorrow left.   Today’s suggestion was to talk about how we stayed determined and motivated. For me, as far as the challenge goes, knowing that I haven’t missed a day keeps me motivated to keep that record.  However, there are other areas that I have to stay motivated for as well.  Such as to continue putting my art out there, hoping that someone will like it enough to purchase it.

Its easy to get discouraged.

It is easy to get discouraged as an artist, especially when you offer to give your work away and no one takes you up on it, such as happened with my give away drawing this past month. Its pretty tempting to be discouraged, kind of like Marlin was in Disney’s Finding Nemo, becoming a “Mr. Grumpy Gills”.

Clown Fish.
Don’t let setbacks turn you into a pessimist like Disney’s Marlin.

Truth is, even though no one wanted that print, I know that people have wanted it in the past and have even paid full price plus shipping for it.  So rather than get discouraged about not being able to give my art away this month, I’m looking ahead now, and I’ll try to think of a good February give away that people might be more responsive to.  I have to…

Just keep swimming

Blue tang fish, Even when you don't feel it, Just Keep Swimming, the feelings will catch up.
Even when you don’t feel it, Just Keep Swimming, the feelings will catch up.

Sometimes I feel very motivated to continue putting my art out there.  Other times I don’t feel it all.  The key though to staying motivated for me is to just keep moving forward no matter how I feel.  Like my favorite little Disney fish Dory, sometimes you have to just keep swimming even when you don’t feel like it, and eventually the feeling with return.

That’s all I really have for today.  What do you do to stay motivated?


4 Responses to Nurturing Motivation as an Artist

  1. Vicki, so glad to see your motivation and staying positive..I remember thinking about taking part in the contest but somehow ended up missing doing the actual steps to do so..
    As I mentioned earlier, your art inspires me to start working on art myself..

  2. I didnt come to know of your giveaway- I would love to collect your artwork. I have several of my own and other artists in my house and I love to display them all! Keep your chin up and dont be discouraged- your work is good and gives you loads of satisfaction- that is what counts at the end of the day! Cheers

    • Thank you, I’ll be posting a new giveaway soon,perhaps you can take part in that one. Or, it is actually not to late to join the first one. Follow the links about it in the post above to find out how.