You Can Learn to Draw!

Anyone Can Learn Basic Drawing

I know what you are thinking, if you aren’t an artistic person naturally, you are thinking that no one can teach you how to draw.  However, I can tell you that anyone who can see can improve their basic drawing skills.  I’m not talking about necessarily becoming the next DaVinci, but rather becoming what I’d call, “drawing literate”.


Drawing is a Skill

Drawing is a skill.  It can be learned and practiced.  Artistic expression is more innate, natural, more something that just flows from within.  Think of this way, unless there is a severe disability, every person in school can learn basic writing skills, but not everyone is going to be the next novelist.  The fact that you don’t have the ability or desire to write the next great novel isn’t reason for you to not learn the basics of written language.

Drawing is Communication

I see drawing the same way, you might not have it in you to be the next great artist, but that isn’t reason to not even learn the basics of visual communication. I call it communication because drawing, pictures, basic figures, all of these things can be great tools to communicate with others.  The first written languages were series of pictures that told a story, and while we are not longer dependent on pictures alone, being able to sketch a basic idea can still really help to get information across.  Think of drawing a basic map for someone to find a place you are telling them about, sketching what you want a finished project to look like before starting, sketching out an illustration of your child’s math word problem, or playing Pictionary!  There have been many times when I’m trying to explain something to someone and feel they would understand better if drew them a picture, think about recounting a traffic accident, wouldn’t you probably sketch out the road and cars and use arrows to show what happened?

There are Many Resources to Learn Drawing

I can think of countless books that one can learn from, from the very basic “Drawing Textbook”, to the more in depth “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, or one of my favorites, “Learn to Draw with Jon Gnagy“.  But books aren’t the only sources, the internet has free information, full courses, and videos.

One video series that a beginner might find helpful is “Learn to Draw” by SchaeferArt.  His first video starts at the very beginning, with materials, and covers the very start of sketching and shading, later videos get more in depth on specifics of shading and form.

So for today’s “Friday Feature” I am featuring the first in his Learn to Draw video series.

9 Responses to You Can Learn to Draw!

  1. I always remember one of my art teachers telling me the same thing when I complained that I couldn’t draw. “You can draw. You may not draw as well as you’d like to but you can do it.” That always stuck with me and now that I do graphics and digital art I find myself wanting to pick up a pencil and try again.

  2. I’m loving this UBC! I’m reading so many things from different people who are giving me information and ideas for my blog! I’m thinking of doing a feature on Art Therapy and I’d love to refer back to this post!

  3. I enjoyed watching the video. It reminded me of how fast you can get better at something with a few easy tutorials and then practicing a little bit every day. My daughter’s high school art teacher had the students draw something in an art journal every evening for thirty days. It was so amazing to look at the journal at the end of that time. For me, I write every day and I think it makes me a better writer and poet than I was the day before. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Vicki – so true!! I love the Jon Ngagy book too and I think still have my copy from years ago.. I think you should do a step-by-step of how-to for the next drawing/painting you work on:) I might work along too if time permits and if I do, I will definitely share the end result with you/on my blog

  5. My daughter loves to draw. I’m going to show this to her. Thank you!

  6. Great post and very instructive video. The explanation of the light source was very helpful because, sometimes, I forget about that. It’s a good thing to practice in a sketch book daily.

  7. I think I need to keep my talents into sewing. I have problems drawing stick figures! LOL Three of my grandchildren have artistic ability and all love to draw. I think it’s a great way to express one’s self.

  8. Thanks for sharing these tips. I’ve always wondered where to start from . After this challenge I will definitely get down to painting

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