My Studio Caught Fire

The Art Co-op Studio caught Fire

I’ve mentioned on earlier posts that I belong to a co-op studio, well back in November a pile of rags with linseed oil on them caught fire spontaneously in the middle of the night.

Fortunately the fire sprinklers saved the studio from total destruction.

Also fortunately there was almost no damage to my work, and only minor loss in the way of my personal supplies.

Another fortunate point is that between the insurance, and some fundraisers, the studio will be opening again sometime this month.

Unfortunately, it was closed through most of the holiday season, and that cut deeply into my sales.

All in all though, I came out of it okay, and still managed to do quite a few sales on my etsy shop.

I am considering moving this blog to another site, I just don’t do that well at keeping my etsy listing current on here, I am considering etsy’s website service “pattern”, since it automatically updates the listings.  I have to give it a little more thought, and I’m hoping that even if I switch over I can still keep the same URL.