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  • Decor Does NOT Equal Art

    A Lot of Art Makes for Nice Decor

    In the world of art, a lot of it is very aesthetically appealing, and therefor makes nice home decor.  From a quaint landscape or subtle still-life, to a mind-bending surreal piece, there are many artistic selections that you can use to enhance your living space.  Perhaps that’s why people seem to often confuse the concepts of decor and art. I see it a lot.


    Not all Wall Decor is Art Though.

    Articles online that encourage one to take a piece of nice wallpaper and wrap it around a canvas to make custom “wall art” for their living room.  Now, the images on the wallpaper were someone’s art when they were first drawn… but surely a person can see the difference between wall paper and an actual piece of art?

    Other examples exist, from “frame a scarf” to “cut circles from paint chips and glue them down overlapping to make a scale like texture” the internet is replete with ideas on how to make your own wall decor that matches perfectly with your paint and furnishings.  But are those things art? Well, I guess that is somewhat of a matter of opinion.  After all to Marcel Duchamp, and to many art critics, this was Art:

    Marcel Duchamp's Fountaine
    Duchamp bought a urinal at a hardware store, signed it, and called it art.


    But I don’t see the thing above as art, though perhaps the statement he made with it could be seen as art, and I don’t see simply wrapping a piece of cloth or wall paper over a canvas or sticking it in a frame as art either.

    Now, perhaps if one took that wall paper, and then added other elements on top, in a unique and custom arrangement, perhaps then I would see it as art.

    Or the paint chips made into a fish scale texture, that is at least coming a little closer to art… but if all one does is copy exactly the how-to article on it, I’m not sure it qualifies.  Perhaps if one adds their own spin to it, making a pattern of two colors with the circles, or something else to set it apart from the one in the diy article… I guess I’d see it more as art.

    Why do I care if its art or just decor?

    Well, if you simply talking about decorating your living room, I don’t really care.  Do what works best for you and fits best in your budget!

    However, I do care when people buy mass produced decor or slap together something from a DIY article, and think that is art, and then go to an artist and expect to see unique, one of kind creations valued the same as those.

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    Art is so much more than decor

    Art is so much more than decor.  Though visual art is sometimes used to decorate, it also represents the heart and soul of the artist, not to mention hours of creative thought and work. Also art encompasses so much more than visual art anyway.  Drama, music, dance, and visual art is all so important for society, and should be valued higher than a mass produced product from your local WalMart.  The arts should not be neglected in schools, or in culture, because the arts have an element to them that can change lives, give direction, discipline, and hope.