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  • Some of My Favorite Resource Sites

    Making Art Takes Supplies!

    Making art takes supplies, and making high quality, lasting art takes high quality supplies.  Those supplies cost money, so buying from the place that gives the best deal is a really good idea.  Today I decided to post a short list of my favorite supply sites.

    1. Dick Blick Art Supplies —  Honestly, if Blick doesn’t carry it, it probably doesn’t exist.  Canvas, paint, mediums, paper, frames, pencils, pastels, the list goes on and on.  They carry both the artist quality supplies needed to complete lasting works, and the less costly student supplies I use for my classes.  For my painting classes, I can’t beat their price on canvas in bulk, and the Blickrylic paints beat the student quality paints I can buy locally at Michael’s for both price and quality.
    2. WholesaleArtsFrames.com — this is also a good site to buy canvas in bulk, they also offer fairly good prices on some frames.
    3. Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff — LIke Blick’s, this site has a wide variety of both student quality and artist quality supplies.
    4. Finerworks — my go to site for archival quality giclee prints, though soon I will not be ordering prints online at all anymore, since the co-op I am part of has purchased an awesome giclee quality printer, and now just need to finish setting it up and getting it color calibrated.
    5. Short Run Posters — this is a good source for poster quality prints.  You know, when someone wants a 16×20 print of your work but doesn’t WANT to pay the $40-$50 it would cost for an archival giclee on paper… its nice to be able to offer them a poster quality print for $15 or less. What makes them great is that unlike other print shops, they don’t make you purchase thousands of the same image to give you a bulk price.  You can order 1 each of 10 or 15 different images, and get a good low price, which means when you go to resell the posters, you don’t have to charge as much to make a profit.
    6. Vistaprint — I don’t use vista print for art prints, but for business cards and greeting cards, they often offer really good deals.

    So there you have it, those are my top choices for online sites for art and printing supplies.  Of course sometimes the convenience of walking into a store and getting what you need right away is great, and for that I usually go to Micheal’s.