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  • Questions… Questions…

    FAQ, SAQ, or NAQ

    The suggested topic for Day 2 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge was to write-up a FAQ (frequently asked questions) post.  Honestly, I haven’t been asked many questions on this site, so if I’m honest the best I could do would be “SAQ” (seldom asked questions) post, or perhaps even a “NAQ” (not asked questions) post.  So I decided that I will just post a list of questions someone might have for an artist, and do my best to answer them.


    My Questions and Answers

    Q. Why do you make art? What motivates you to do what you do?

    A. I make art because I need to. That may not be a very specific answer, but it is true.  I find that it essential to me to create.  If I wasn’t doing art I am sure that I would have create in some other way.  I’ve always created in some way.  Sometimes through art, sometimes through writing, sometimes through sewing or crafts.  Art is the form of creation that find the most freeing and satisfying.

    Q.  How do go about making art? Do you plan everything out, or just let things flow as they come to you?

    A.  Yes and Yes.  Sometimes, I will plan out a work carefully, sketch everything beforehand, make changes, erase and redo, before I ever begin applying paint to canvas.  Other times I start applying a color to a canvas with no idea at all of what I am going to end up doing.  Most often there is a mixture of these two extremes, I’ll have a good idea of what I want, and perhaps sketch out some of the more precise elements of the work, and then start painting, letting the ideas grow and change as I work.

    Q.  What kind of environment do you prefer to work in?

    A.  I like to have lots of space to spread out my supplies, I can work in clutter as long as the clutter is related to the work, but I don’t want to lose my tube of paint on a table loaded with a bunch of non-art stuff. I like to have music playing… usually the music I listen to will either be classic rock or christian music, either way I tend towards older music most of the time… though I do listen to some contemporary popular music.  I love to make my own playlists so that I can mix mostly the older stuff with a few selections of more modern tunes.
    I enjoy company while I work sometimes, but I don’t care for being asked a lot of questions about what I’m doing while I’m trying do it.  I also don’t want to discuss politics while I’m working, especially with someone I know will disagree with my point of view, that’s because I have no desire to argue or try to defend myself, I just want to create art.  I like to have the company of someone who is comfortable with lots of lulls in the conversation, with the occasional chit chat here and there.

    Q. How did you become an artist?

    A. As I stated in answer to the first question, it is just an integral part of my being to create, and that creativity has shown itself in different ways throughout my life.  In that sense I’ve always been an artist.  As for my current passion for painting, there is a story there I’ve posted about before, but to summarize, I accepted a blog challenge to do something creative every day for a month, and one of those days I decided to paint… I haven’t stopped since.

    Q. What are you trying to say to the world with your art?


    Every person has incalculable worth., every moment has its own beauty.
    Every person has incalculable worth, every moment has its own beauty.

    That there is beauty everywhere and in everyone, that every person has incalculable worth, every moment has its own beauty.  Even in the hard times, even in the midst of pain, there is beauty and order and purpose.  Even in the dull times, there is beauty and imagination and awe. Even in the most depraved person, there is a spark of something good, something of immense value and indescribable worth, personally I believe that is because every person is created in God’s image, so no matter how they may tarnish that image, it is still there in some form.  So I guess ultimately I am wanting to point people to the creator by helping them to see the beauty of the creation and the wonders of the imagination.

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    Your Turn to Ask Me a Question

    Now, maybe you have a question I didn’t ask myself, maybe you were really hoping I would, but I didn’t.  Here is where I’ll say “Don’t be shy!”  Ask away!  Feel free to ask me whatever you want to know in the comments, and I’ll do my very best to answer your questions both in reply to your comment and as part of future post!


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  • Teaching a SLOW Student!

    Have you ever tried to teach anyone something?  It can be difficult!  Its even more difficult if the student you are teaching is just NOT getting it, now imagine you are doing all that, WHILE you are trying to teach something you don’t know!

    That is the struggle of the self taught artist, trial, and error, and more error.

    Lots of error.  I am trying to get the sky in a painting just right, that is how I am seeing it in my mind, it is taking a lot of error.

    Here are some of my practice sheets where I practiced different techniques to try to get the results I wanted:

    Real quality art there, right?

    But its all part of learning without a teacher.

    Eventually I moved back onto my canvas, and its not perfect yet, but I feel like I know what needs happen now, its just that the paint I already put down needs to dry before I can do more, otherwise my colors will mix and I will end up with a green sky.  I also keep reminding myself that it won’t just be a sky, there will be land and a bridge, and water, the sky will end up being only a backdrop for everything else.  I keep telling myself that, but I want to get the sky perfect anyway. It is getting close to what I see in my head, and I think I’ll be able to bring it around to that point in t the next painting session.

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  • Word for the Year

    Have you noticed the trend on blogs of selecting a word for the year?  I have been debating what word I want for my year, it could be “create”, it could be “vibrancy”, both of those struck me as worthy of being selected… but instead, I am choosing a word that might come as surprise to many.

    That’s right, my word is discipline.  Why? Because its what I need in so many parts of my life.  I need it in the area of health and nutrition, I need it in the area of housekeeping, I need it in the area of spirituality, and I desperately need it in the areas of art.

    If I am going to improve my art and see my life as an artist grow, I simply must discipline myself to work on it regularly.  I love doing it, but so often I put it off, and don’t start.  I need to at least sketch four or five times a week, but preferably be working on more than just simple sketches and putting in time on my paintings, try new mediums, and learn new techniques.

    So my word for 2015 is Discipline.

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  • I’m back, and I have a Lot of New Work!

    I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should, and there are many reasons for this.  One of them is that I’ve been very busy actually creating art, and therefore taking less time to blog about it.

    I’ve made a lot of new pieces, and I’ve been showing them every chance I can, here I is my stuff at a local Art Walk in August (that’s my hubby sitting on the chair feeding his face!):

    I know this blog needs to made a little more interesting, so soon I will be doing some video postings about art.  

    Here are some of my new pieces:
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  • Walking Wine…

    Just thought I’d pop in to share my latest work in progress.  The gallery owner requested wine related paintings for a “Wine Walk” that is coming up.  (For some reason I get a mental image of someone walking a bottle of wine on a leash like a dog…)

    Anyway, here is my first of the paintings, it still needs a little touch up around the bottom of the bottle, and some color blending on the grapes, as well as needing to be photographed properly for prints… however, here is a quick snap shot of it.

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  • Every Day in May, May 10

    Today’s challenge was to draw something creepy.  Being the die-hard Whovian that I am… this is what I came up with!

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  • Every Day in May, Day 9

    Today’s EDiM challenge was simple.  Draw a lock.
    Since it was simple, I decided to keep it that way and drew a very simple lock in a very dimple medium (graphite).

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  • New Painting, “Dusk On Puget Sound” progress

    Well, my new painting titled, “Dusk on Puget Sound” is finished… well almost.  I actually still need to get a good, high quality photo of it, and then varnish it, along with a few others that I’ve finished lately.

    I finished the actual painting tonight though, and took a quick snap-shot of it to share, I’m afraid the colors on the photo aren’t quite accurate… when I get the good quality photo I will post that, but for now this is the best I could do.

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  • Gallery Acceptance, and What’s on My Easel

    Yesterday was a great day for me art-wise. I went to the post office to ship off a painting that sold, and while I was there I noticed a gallery in town that I’d never noticed before. This is probably because I rarely go to the shopping center near the post office, there is another down the street where I usually shop.

    Anyway, I went into the gallery and started up a conversation with the woman there, who seemed very interested in seeing my work. Then the owner of the gallery came in, and he was also interested. So I gave them my website to view my portfolio, and also went home and gathered up some of my paintings to show them in person. I am very pleased to say that they will be displaying 5 of my paintings!

     I’ve also been making progress on my Peacock paintings that I started at the art walk. Here is what is on my easel right now:

    I was thrilled about the gallery, and I still am, although the person in my life who should have been most encouraging was absolutely not encouraging at all, and in fact seemed very irritated that I had taken time out of my day to bring paintings down to the gallery.  Oh well, I guess some non-artistic people just don’t get it, to me, getting my work in a gallery was far more important than the day’s chores, or doing a load of laundry, or anything like that.

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