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  • 90 Days from Now

    Where I plan to be in 90 days.

    The topic for ultimate blog challenge today was to  make some plans of where we want to be in 90 days. Ninety days from today will be October 27, 2016.

    This Website in 90 Days

    If I blog for the last two days of the challenge, and blog twice a week thereafter, by October 27th I will have written and published 27 or 28 blog posts after this one.

    In addition, I would like to have finished uploading all of my current works of art, so that anything I have for sale is posted in the purchasing options section of this website.  I also would like to improve my SEO by adding metadata to this website, which is something I only learned how to do today, and which should bring in some more traffic to the site.

    Additional goals I’d like to get to if I can is to post at least three videos in the next 90’s, the videos can be step by step tutorials, or they can be a sped up version of me painting, or even me talking and telling you about my art, but I want to start including video content to this blog.


    My etsy shop in 90 days.

    90 days from now I’d like to have everything in my etsy shop set up to auto renew, and I’d like to have everything set up with calculated shipping, right now some things are set to calculated shipping and others are not, and while my estimates are usually close, I’d rather be charging people the exact right amount for shipping. In addition, I want all of my titles and tags to be optimized as I described in my post about etsy tips.


    My art in 90 days.

    I have several paintings in progress that I’d like to have finished by the time 90 days passes, one is a scene involving my Sphinx dude character and a mermaid, the other is an underwater scene  in which I plan to add lots of interesting sea life, and another was going to be a sphinx dude painting but I think I may have changed my mind and I might bring it in another direction.

    In addition, I want to produce a piece for a community display on 9/11.

    And I have something in mind that I won’t give details on, other than to say it will involve a lot of black, silver, and white.

    I really want to be done with all of those by then, because I want to begin a series of paintings that I have an idea for, but I don’t want all those half finished projects sitting around in the mean time.


    My health in 90 days.

    While this isn’t art related, I do know that I need to start taking better care of my health.  I’d like to lose some weight by then, I hesitate to set a specific goal though, at least 15 to 20 pounds, and more if I can manage it.  I want to have established the habit of the taking a walk every day, or at least nearly every day, and doing some strength training at least twice a week.

    The blog that I track my health concerns on is my other blog Less of Me, More of Him in case anyone decides they want to follow along with my efforts.


    My other blogs.

    I want to post more regularly on my other blogs.  Less of Me, More of Him is a general blog about my life, as well as my weight loss efforts. In addition to that one, I have a blog where I post devotional thoughts, Bible studies, and things like that.  I want to start posting on Less of Me, More of Him, at least once a week, and at least once every month on Moments with My Savior.  I might also like to start keeping my homeschooling blog again, but I think maybe that might too much to add right now, so I am not setting a specific goal there.


    So there you go, that’s where I want to be 90 days from now.

  • Destinations

    Where I hope to Go

    Yesterday, I wrote a little about how I got started on my artistic journey, which eventually led to this website, my job teaching painting classes, and most of all a new passion in my life.  Today I am going to write about where I hope to go with my art in general, and with this website as well.


    Where I hope to go with my art.

    The Big Dream

    Of course like most artists I’d like to reach the point where my work is appreciated by collectors and I sell enough to live off the sales of my paintings. Realistically I know that only very few artists ever make that dream a reality.  So, while I am doing what I can to make that happen someday, I am not holding my breath for it.  I do try to learn all I can about the changing art market, about branding, about marketing, and about those most successful artists did to get where they are, and I implement what I can of it.  But I am also taking much joy where I am right now.

    Joy in the Present Reality, while looking forward.

    I am taking joy every day in the fact that I have a place to go create art, and that I am making enough on my art and classes to pay my studio rent each month so that it doesn’t cost me out of pocket to have this place.  I am also looking forward to continuing to grow with my art.  I want to continually improve, through study, through practice, by learning from others.  I want my art to develop and mature even more.  I can see a world of difference between my first paintings and what I do now, and I want to continue to see that growth.


    Where I hope to go with this website.

    More regular posting. 

    I want to be regular with my posting. I want to keep content flowing so that readers actually have something to read when they come to this site.  While over the month of July I hope to post every day, after that I am really hoping to be consistent with at least twice a week.


    More useful content.

    I want readers to be able to come here and not only see my art that is for sale, I also want them to be able to find instructions, tips, step by step tutorials, paint along videos, and so much more.  I want this site to inspire creativity in my readers, and help them develop it, rather than having this site just be a redundant extension of my etsy shop.


    More interactive content.

    I really desire to have more interaction with my readers.  People commenting and letting me know what they think.  Other artists guest posting.  To this aim, I know I will need to have engaging content, things like challenges where I ask readers to create art and post it on their own blog, and then to come and comment and leave a link to their post, I also plan to do some  contests and giveaways.


    Meeting Your Needs

    More than anything I want this website to meet the needs and desires of the readers, to give them what they are looking for when they look at a blog.

    To that end, I invite you, my readers, to comment on this post let me know what kinds of content you’d most like to see.

    • Paint along with me videos? (kind of like Bob Ross, but my voice isn’t as soothing as his).
    • Step by step written tutorials?
    • Challenges where you can share your work?
    • Contests?
    • Giveaways?
    • Guests Posts?
    • Something else? (If you want to see something else, tell me what it is!)