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    Sometimes Art is Like Playing

    There are times when I sit down and I know exactly what I am going to paint or draw.  I have a definite plan, and stick with it.  Other times though, I just start to put paint down… and I play.

    That is what is what I’ve been doing with a piece I currently have in progress, I just felt like playing, so I took a palette knife and started to cover a canvas in gold paint and modeling paste.  Then I put some back and modeling paste, then copper.  I am doing a little here, a little there, and waiting for it do dry in between.  I am not really trying to make it look like a recognizable object, but rather, I’m just doing what feels right, and ending up with an abstract design.  Its relaxing and fun, like a game though it is a little costly to put so much modeling paste down on one canvas.  Sometimes when I paint abstract like this I come up with things I really like, and other times I don’t care for the result at all, either way I had fun playing in the paint.

    Here is what the piece looks like so far:

    abstract palette knife painting, gold, black, copper, waving lines
    I’m not 100% sure what will come next, but I’ll probably stay with the three colors I already have on the canvas, or at most add one more into the mix.


    Other Projects are happening too.

    The drying takes a long time when the paint is put on so thick, so I also have other projects going at the same time.  One of which is that I am experimenting with oil paint.  I haven’t really worked in oils, so its a learning process, and so far I don’t have anything in oils that I’ve finished.  Soon though I will complete at least one oil painting and post it on here.

  • Want to Play a Guessing Game?

    So, I am still sick, and just like before I don’t really feel up to tackling my landscape in progress.  Instead, I’m still playing around and experimenting with my paints and brushes.  Last night I worked on a little 5×7 canvas.  All I did was a background.

    I’ve worked on it more today, but I don’t want to post the pictures of today’s work yet, its very different from anything I’ve done before, so I am holding off sharing it until I get a little further along. However,  I thought it might be fun to show you what I did last night, and see if you can guess how I got the background the way it is.

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    heart background

    So give your best guess in the comments, and on Tuesday I’ll post the answer.

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