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  • Saturday Six-Minute Sketch, Clothes Pin

    The idea is practice to improve my drawing skills.

    The whole idea behind my six minute sketches were to improve my drawing skills by regular practice without placing a huger burden on my time.

    My six minute sketches lately have been taking longer and longer.  Last week it took me 13 minutes and I still really didn’t feel like I was “done”.  However, I made myself stop because I knew it was supposed to be a six-minute sketch, not a six-hour sketch.

    I realized that the problem was that I have been picking things that were too challenging for six minutes, and trying to squeeze in too much detail.  If I want to pick a more elaborate object, I need to leave out details, so which would it be?

    Keep it Simple

    I decided I should Keep it Simple for six-minute sketches, and if I want to post more complicated sketches, I can do that on a separate post.

    Finish the drawing in Six Minutes.

    The goal of course is to finish drawing the object in six minutes.  The simplicity of keeping it to six minutes means that I know I can almost always squeeze it into my week.

    I know if I’m going to do this, I need to select my object carefully

    Select a simple object to draw.

    So, with all that in mind, I for today I selected a very common, uncomplicated object:

    Photo of the clothespin I drew.
    This clothes pin should be simple enough to sketch in six minutes.

    One thing I noticed, was that because there was more than one light source there was also more than one shadow, at the time I noticed two, but now looking at the photo I see at least three. Well my sketch only got two, because that’s what I noticed at the time.

    Here is the sketch I did in six minutes:

    My six minute clothes pin sketch.
    I was able to complete this sketch in the time limit, and even put in two shadows like I saw in front of me, the second shadow is faint and hard to see, but it’s there.

    So there was my six-minute sketch for this week!