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  • Saturday Six-Minute Sketch… NOT!

    First, I want to apologize for being mostly absent for a few weeks. I really needed to take some time for other things, and didn’t dedicate as much time to my blog as I had been previously.

    Hopefully I am back again now!

    Today is Saturday, so I figured it was time for my Saturday Six-Minute Sketch, which my readers will probably remember are quick sketches from life, that I try to do in six minutes or less.

    These six-minute sketches can be challenging, not only because of needing to sketch quickly, but also because it can be difficult to select an object simple enough for such a short sketch to possible.  I don’t always judge correctly.

    Today I decided on a boot as my subject.  Specifically this boot that belongs to my daughter:

    Actually this boot is not as simple as it looks, at least not to draw.
    This is my daughter’s boot, classy, stylish, simple, right?

    Well, I set my timer and started drawing, and quickly realized that this basic boot was not nearly as simple to draw as it first appeared.  It turns out that I encounter difficulty in drawing folds of fabric.

    Here is how much I had managed to draw in the six-minute time limit.

    I guess I need to practice drawing more!
    While its clearly a boot, I can see where I drew the angles wrong, and the proportion is off too.

    Well, I wanted to complete more than that!  I hadn’t even gotten to the shading!

    So I started the timer again, and this time, while I still drew quickly, I decided I was going to bring it to something close to completion.

    I ended up taking another seven minutes, for a total of 13 minutes to complete this drawing.

    Those folds in the faux leather are really a challenge to draw!
    This simple basic boot is much more complex than it first appears!

    I am not terribly pleased with this sketch, the proportion is off, either the toe should be shorter or the leg portion larger.  The angle of the sole is off, the angle of the top of the foot portion is too flat.  The folds don’t right.

    I think I will need to try to sketch this boot again, without a time restriction at all, and see if I can get closer to realism with it.

  • A Cactus – Saturday Six-Minute Sketch (Sort of!)

    Today for my Saturday Six-Minute Sketch I thought I’d sketch my one of my son’s cactus plants.  He has a few different cacti, and a couple of other plants of other varieties.

    Here is a photo of that cactus:

    cactus photo

    So, as I usually do, I set my timer for six minutes and started sketching.  I was busy sketching away, not aware of how much time was passing, when suddenly the timer went off.  This is what I’d managed to get in six minutes:

    cactus drawing2


    Well, what was I to do? My Saturday blog post is supposed to be a six-minute sketch, but I didn’t want to leave it unfinished.  I decided to take a picture of it so I could show what I drew in the six-minute time slot, and then to start a stop watch and continue working.

    I still worked fast, trying to bring it to a completed state in as little time as I could. I ended up working for five more minutes.  So altogether, today’s finished sketch actually took 11 minutes, I think it was all those pesky cactus spines that got me!

    So here is the sketch after 11 minutes, I honestly didn’t notice the white patch on the dirt until just now, or I would have shaded it in before stopping my timer:

    Cactus drawin 1