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  • Is Graffiti Art Or Vandalism?

    The ultimate blog challenge today recommended going to http://ezinearticles.com and using one their articles to republish on your blog.  This worked fine for me today since I had a very busy day with helping my daughter move and then going to a memorial for my uncle, and didn’t really have enough time to write something myself.  The following article is the work of Mike D Johnson I, and is printed unchanged from its original form on http://ezinearticles.com.

    graffiti, street art, Is this art, or is this vandalism? Is it both?
    Is this art, or is this vandalism? Is it both?

    Is Graffiti Art Or Vandalism?

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    The question of whether graffiti is art or vandalism is one I see often, and usually from students working on school reports… and have fairly strong opinions about. This is really a two part question: Part 1. Is Graffiti Art? and Part 2. Is Graffiti Vandalism?

    Part 1 – Is Graffiti Art?

    I think it’s first important to understand that “art” itself is tough to define. But if you move past formal definitions, art is typically an expression of oneself or a message that an artist is trying to give to the viewer… and it may or may not appeal to other people. Others think art is perhaps an expression of the artist using colors, textures, sounds, etc. to convey the message. Let’s look at a few of pieces of well known art.

    1. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci. It is painted on a piece of wood and is framed. Why is this art? Shading, the depth, the landscape, the enigmatic smile, etc. Would this be art if it were painted on a brick wall on a side street in Italy? Of course. What makes it art is the picture, not the medium.
    2. Guernica by Pablo Picasso. This may be Picasso’s most well known piece of art. Painted mural size on a piece of canvas. Of course, this is art. Would it be art if Picasso painted directly on a wall on the side of a street? Yes. What if he did it without permission? Still art… but illegally painted. You like it?… well it doesn’t matter if you do or not, it’s still art.
    3. Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michangelo. It’s art and it’s on a ceiling.

    Graffiti art is a style of art. It “fits” the bill to be defined as such and often expresses a very distinct message from the artist (as an example, check out the political messages of Banksy ). Artwork that is painted in this style is absolutely considered art. It can be painted on wood, on canvas, on ceilings, on brick walls, on sidewalks, etc. It is still art regardless of the medium.

    Part 2 – Is Graffiti Vandalism?

    If the street art (graffiti) is painted legally, meaning on property owned by the artist or with permission from the owner, then it is legal street art.

    If the street art is painted illegally, meaning on property not owned by the artist, and without permission, then it is still art… but the artist has committed the crime of vandalism.

    So, if DaVinci, Picasso, and Michaelangelo were hanging out on 115th Street one Tuesday night and throw up the Mona Lisa, the Guernica, and the Sistine Chapel art work on the side of a laundromat… It is art. But it’s also vandalism. It can be both… it is not an “either / or” question.

    Hope this helps you guys if you’re doing a report on “Graffiti Art or Vandalism” or “Is It Street Art or Vandalism”.

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  • There is some Amazing Talent Out There

    Amazing Artists are Everywhere

    There are amazing artists in every town, every city of the world.  Many of them work behind closed doors, never showing their work to others.  Others are well known, shown in galleries, respected by the “elite” art establishment, and some are painting on street corners using spray cans, or finger painting on tiles or dishes.

    Here is one of those street artists, not only creating a beautiful work of art, but giving an amazing public performance as well, on the streets of Mexico.


    So next time you see an artist painting on the street, stick around, you might really like what they create!

  • The Future of Art

    Art has been around as long as human beings, from the time the first person picked up a charred stick and began drawing that day’s hunt onto the rock wall of the cave that was home, and all along through the years, art has changed.  There have been times when it was respected, times when it was ridiculed, times when it was valued, and times when it was taken for granted. It has continued to exist through all times because it is part of being human.  That little spark of creativity, is in my mind, the thing that lets us know we are made in the image of the Master Artist and Creator.

    Art as business though… when did that start?  Was the man in the cave considered the community historian, and given an extra share of the hunt in exchange for his services, or did the rest of the tribe look on with bemusement at his strange pastime?  We will likely never know the answer, however at some point, artists began being paid for their skill and talent, and a few were brave enough to try to make their living at it.

    There have been times when the art business was doing well, when people have had the extra money to buy something if they liked it, and times when it was doing poorly, and the artist struggles for food and shelter.
    Where is it now? Somewhere in between those extremes, at somewhat of a crossroads.  Various societal trends are impacting the art market, and will shape it in the future.

    So, here are a few developments I predict in the art business, some of which are already happening.

    1. More wearable art.  Art on T-shirts, art on shoes, art on necklace pendants, purses, and coats.  This is both printed art, and art that it is hand painted right on the products.

    2. Smaller pieces.  Mini canvases that can be made into Christmas ornaments and refrigerator magnets, this is art that those in the downsizing movement can still embrace.

    3. Street art that is created fast, in front of the buyer, providing both entertainment and an inexpensive piece of art.  Such as seen in this video.

    4. Related to the above, but a little different,  is visual art AS performance art, as seen in these videos (though not all of us artist have the ability or desire to do this):

    5. Art for the plugged-in generation.  Something similar to itunes, but for visual art. What do I mean? Well perhaps a purchase of a specific brand of digital picture frame, and then a library of digital files of artwork that could be downloaded onto that frame, with the artist getting a small royalty for each download.  I think something like that would be nice for those in smaller spaces also, since they could download several “pieces” and then rotate which one would show, providing them with changeable art.  It would also be more affordable than buying several original paintings or prints.

    6. More “art classes as social time”, such as “art parties” where people gather and an artist takes them step by step through how to create a painting, or make a mosaic, or some other project.  These are already gaining popularity, and I predict more growth in that area as people are looking for an alternative then dinner or a movie when wanting to get out.

    7. More commissioned work.  For those people who do have their own home with room for art, often, they have something specific in mind, a specific color scheme or subject matter that they want for their home, what better way than to hire an artist to make it just for them?

    Most of all though, I see art just simply continuing on, as it has since the times of the cave-paintings.

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