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  • Oil Pastel Sea Turtle

    An Oil Pastel Tutorial by Mr. Otter Art Studio

    Today the prompt for the Ultimate Blog Challenge was to share a video.  Right away I thought of Amy Pearce, who has at least two YouTube channels with lots of art tutorials… I noticed that her channel titled “Mr. Otter Art Studio” seemed to have more beginning level art tutorials, so I decided to select a video from that channel.

    One thing I like about Amy’s art tutorials is that when she is doing something repetitive, she speeds up the camera to show that part, so you don’t have to sit for 30 minutes watching as she does the same thing over and over on different parts of a picture.

    I decided to share her tutorial on making a Sea Turtle with oil pastels.


    So if you want to see more of Amy’s lessons, check out Mr. Otter Art Studio, and also Amy Pearce.

  • “I’d Love to do Art, but I’m No Good”, One piece of Advice

    Be Brave, and just start creating.

    If you are one of those people who says, “I’d love to do art, but I’m no good at it.”  Or, “I’d love to do art, but I can’t draw.” I’d like to offer you a piece of advice, be brave.  Just start creating.  Don’t worry about if your work is as good as the next person, just start. Explore different mediums, explore different styles, remember, there is more to art than realistic drawing, and there is more to art than just painting.

    Get a book on mixed media art and start exploring the techniques, there are many, you can crumple tissue paper and glue it down to a board or canvas with acrylic medium, rub some acrylic paint on a piece of bubble wrap and then press it on top of part of your canvas to leave a design, go align and fine public domain images and cut out parts you like to arrange on your piece, glue down pieces of fabric, add in some little jewelry findings, some artificial leaves or real preserved flowers and leaves.  If you have a camera go take some photos and cut them apart and add them to your piece.  Just explore, rearrange things until they look pleasing to you, and only then glue them back down.

    Randomly splash watercolor or ink here and there, glue down lace.  Pick colors you like, or that you think will go with your decor.


    Here are some videos you can watch that show some ideas and techniques you can use to create awesome art, even if you can’t draw a stick figure!

    These videos show you how to create awesome art, even if you can't draw a stick figure! Click To Tweet


    So that is my advice, don’t say, “I can’t”, just start doing something!