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  • I’m in the Rock Hiding Game

    Painting Rocks is Fun

    So, I took my two seal shaped rocks that I posted about earlier today, and painted them.  If you read my first post about Kitsap Rocks, you’ll remember that the rocks I had planned to paint looked like this:

    Two rocks I'll be turning into sea creatures
    Two rocks I found on a beach several years ago… I kept them because their unique shape demanded I paint them, but I forgot about them until hearing about Kitsap Rocks.

    They were odd shaped rocks to say the least, and while I distinctly remember finding them on a beach, they looked more like river rocks to me, but regardless of whether you call them beach rocks or river rocks, they were about to become painted rocks!

    After painting, they looked quite different.
    Here is the chubby little guy on the right in the picture above.

    painted rock, treasure hunt, rock painted like seal, seal shaped rock
    This guy made a chubby seal, I couldn’t really see how to make his tail look like a tail, so I decided to just paint water over his lower body. Now I think he looks like he’s wearing pants the way a plumber does!
    painted rock, treasure hunt, rock painted like seal, seal shaped rock
    Here he is showing off his other side.
    painted rock, treasure hunt, rock painted like seal, seal shaped rock
    Here’s a close up of his handsome face!


    Here is more slender little seal on the left in the top photo.

    Seal Rock, seal shaped rock, painted rock, rock art, rock treasure hunt
    This one was nice because I was able to paint his tail in, and have room to sign him and paint other words on the bottom instead of on the seal body itself.
    Seal Rock, seal shaped rock, painted rock, rock art, rock treasure hunt
    Here’s his other side! (You’ll notice I sneaked in my web address).
    Seal Rock, seal shaped rock, painted rock, rock art, rock treasure hunt
    Here’s his handsome face!
    Seal Rock, seal shaped rock, painted rock, rock art, rock treasure hunt
    He has a nice profile, don’t you think?


    This isn’t just about painting though.

    Of course the point in the Kitsap Rocks group isn’t just about painting rocks.  I could paint rocks, turning them into seal art, and put them up on etsy and who knows, they might sell, but then I would miss the fun.

    The fun of the Kitsap Rocks is that we hide  the rocks so other’s can find them.  Yes, hiding rocks is the name of the game!

    So I took the rocks to a local beach and hid them… then I posted to the Kitsap rocks Facebook group that I had released two seals into the wild at a beach in Kingston, I posted that along with some photos of the hiding places.

    seal rock, painted rock, treasure hunt, rock hunt
    Mr. Chubs tucked away on some rocks.
    seal rock, painted rock, treasure hunt, rock hunt
    This photo gives a little background to help people try to figure out where he is.
    seal rock, painted rock, treasure hunt, rock hunt
    Here’s Mr. Handsom and fit, hiding on a log  near some flowers.
    seal rock, painted rock, treasure hunt, rock hunt
    And here he is again, with more background showing as a hint to local people…



    The Story isn’t complete until they’re found.

    Well of course the story of my little seals isn’t complete until the seals are found. This is after all, a form of treasure hunting!  Not just rock art creation! … and here they are, in the hands of the finders.  I didn’t show the faces because I would never show the faces of other people’s children online without their permission, but rest assured, both faces were quite happy!

    Treasure hunting, rock hunting, seal rocks seal shaped rocks
    So here are the seal friends in the hands of the finders.


    To be continued…

    Of course, as I left the beach, I picked up two more rocks to paint.  So I’m sure I’ll spend a lot more time painting rocks, hiding rocks, and finding rocks too!  Next time, I might not be doing seal painting, who knows, my next rocks might be flowers, or birds, or houses, or abstract!

    To all my fellow painted rock hounds, have a happy treasure hunt!

  • Kitsap Rocks — Rock Painting and Treasure Hunting

    Art, Creativity, Mystery, and Outings

    Like a low-tech Pokémon Go

    There is a new trend in my community in which people paint rocks and hide them.  They leave clues online so that other people can go find them.  I think this is an awesome activity, and I found my first rock just the other day.  I have yet to hide a rock though.

    I think this trend is great on many levels.  I mean, it gets people exploring their creativity, and sharing it with others, and it gets them out in their communities, looking around.  Honestly, I see it as a low-tech and more creative version of Pokémon Go, but it has actually been around longer than Pokémon Go.

    Rocks turn up in surprising places.

    Here is the rock I found, I wasn’t expecting it, I was actually just at the post office to mail off a package from my Etsy shop, when there, right on top of the blue mailbox, was a rock.  Since I’d already joined the Kitsap Rocks Facebook group, I knew right away what it was and deposited my package, took the rock, and drove on.

    When I got home I posted on the Facebook group that I had found this rock, then I scrolled down the page to see if anyone had posted that they hid it, and I found that the person had left some pretty obvious hints, but that I’d found the rock before seeing any of the hints.

    Painted rock treasure hunt, teal, pink, black with dots.
    This is the first rock I found.

    Now, when you find a rock, you can keep it, or re-hide it.  I decided to keep this one since it was my first Kitsap Rocks find.


    Rocks bringing community together

    Not only are lots of families getting in on this creative action, but it is also bringing the community together.  Yesterday, the co-op art studio that I’m part of hosted a free community event for people to come and paint rocks.  The studio provided some supplies, and also invited participants to bring their own.  People from all over the county showed up to paint rocks.

    Sadly, I was unable to attend this event, because I had prior obligations to drive my children and their friends from one end of the county and back again, and then back again and again, but I was glad to hear the studio got involved with this.


    Rocking out some memories

    So all of this rock painting activity caused me to remember something I’d forgotten. Several years ago, at a beach, I found some very uniquely shaped rocks, these rocks absolutely demanded a coat of paint, but I found these before I discovered my love of painting. So even though I had a clear idea of how I’d like to see them painted, I put them up and forgot about them.

    Now though, with seeing all these rocks being transformed into works of art, I remembered these rocks.  I already know exactly what I’m going to turn these into, they BOTH just beg to be seals!

    Two rocks I'll be turning into sea creatures
    Two rocks I found on a beach several years ago… I kept them because their unique shape demanded I paint them, but I forgot about them until hearing about Kitsap Rocks.

    Now, the only thing that troubles me is that I’m not sure I’ll be able to just give these away after painting them…  but I think I’ll give away at least one of them, I might want to keep one myself.

  • The Ultimate Blog Challenge Draws to a Close

    July’s Blog Challenge is Done

    So the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July is done, the next one will be in October.  So I probably won’t post every single day on this blog.  I would like to keep posting at least two or three times a week though.

    I am glad to have taken part in this challenge, because it helped me to develop a habit of getting on my blog each day.  Not only that, but through another blogger I learned a little more about SEO, and adding metadata to my whole site, and also to each post.  So hopefully when I blog now, it will get seen by more people.

    I am still figuring out some of the metadata stuff, but I’m already implementing what I have learned, and I’m trying to read up on the parts I don’t fully understand yet, once I have a good grasp on everything, I’ll share on a blog post so that I can help others increase their web traffic also.

    For now, I can share that if you are on a WordPress blog, there are many plugins you can get that will let you add custom metadata, such as keywords, descriptions of the post, and what title will appear when the you share the post on social media.  The description factor is nice because if you don’t enter it, what will automatically show is just the first few lines of your post, which in some cases doesn’t really give a clear idea of what it’s about.  By adding a custom description to each post, you can let people know what the post is about in a little more detail than you can usually do in a title alone.

    You can also add metadata to the entire website with these plugins, so that if you have an art blog or artist’s website that not only sells art but also offers art marketing advice, or art tutorials, you can add those keywords to the metadata of the entire site and help search engines to find your art website.
    There are some things I still don’t understand, such as where the plugin I used (called the add meta tags plugin) asks for “site-wide meta tags” but then says not to put keywords there, there is another place to enter global keywords, but the I’m just not sure what the site-wide meta tags would be if not keywords.  I’m going to try to learn about that and share it when I know more.

    So, today is Sunday, the first day of the week, and this would be my first post of this week, if I am going to keep with my goal of posting at least twice a week, you will hear from me again at least one more time before next Sunday.  I won’t make any promises at this time of what day it will be, but unless some unforeseen circumstance prevents it, I will post once or twice more this week.

    So if you participated in this blog challenge, what did you learn?

    Also, if you know what the term “site-wide meta tags” actually means, please fill me in!  😉


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    Photo by GaborfromHungary at Morguefile.com